Wyze scale hasn't been able to sync with Android app for over a month

Contacted support days ago with no response yet. I’ve update the firmware on the scale, Made sure the Android app is updated. I just can’t ever get my Wyze Scale to sync with my app anymore. Any ideas? The scale is only about three months old. The first couple months it synced just fine. Wondering if anyone else is having this issue. It says it’s connected via bluetooth each time and goes into the ‘syncing…’ animation for some time but it never actually updated my current measurements. Last time it was successful was 7/24.

Google Pixel 3 XL btw

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Is your Bluetooth on? The scale needs this to connect.
Take a look here:

Try the phone number:

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Yes, as I stated in my original post it connects to my bluetooth. I’ve reset (turned off/on) my wifi and bluetooth numerous times. Everything acts like it’s connecting and syncing but nothing ever updates. Syncing is working fine with all of my other bluetooth devices. Guess I will call them tomorrow, was hoping they would at least respond to my support ticket though. Been about a week since I submitted it. Maybe they are just understaffed during these times. Just frustrating. Thanks.

I wouldn’t be surprised if your on hold for 20+ minutes! They’re backed up with people returning the WCO.