Wyze Scale - Expected Behavior?

New Wyze Scale user, but I have multiple other Wyze devices. Scale is paired to Android 9/Pie phone through the Wyze app. I can connect by BT and get weight and other metrics (let’s say on the morning of day 1). Scale stays in place, the phone travels far away (by BT distances, anyway). Return hours later, still day 1. Ready for the next scale measurement. Phone within 3 m / 10 ft of scale. App says ‘not connected’. BT off. BT on. Still not connected. Wyze app force close, reopen. Not connected. Step on scale anyway - weight and body fat shows on display - with the BT icon. Back to the app. Not connected. No data uploaded.

OK, so will someone tell me what the expected behavior is in terms of the sequence of steps to get connected and receive scale data after many hours of phone away from scale? I don’t want to complain/call support until I’m sure that what is supposed to happen is not happening. How do you get ‘connected’ and receive scale data?

Super frustrating. Thanks!

For sequence…I usually weigh myself, then open the WYZE app, select the WYZE scale in my list of devices and the data syncs within 10-15 seconds.

The app crashing seems a little suspect. Is your WYZE app updated? Scale firmware up to date?

Thanks for your reply! That’s sort of what I imagine would be the sequence, but the scale-to-phone connection seems super erratic for me. And, yup, everything is updated - the scale asked for a new firmware right after the first connection and that was reported to work well and the firmware noted in the app for the scale is the most recent. And, no, the app isn’t crashing - I forced it to close when it would not connect, based on some other posts in this forum. I have two cams, headphones and some sensors working flawlessly, so this trouble is a surprise.

Just a thought… you could try disconnecting (not unpairing) any other BT devices from your smartphone and see if it syncs,

The headphones had some issues pairing if other BT devices were connected to the mobile device (especially smart watches). I know you have already paired the scale, but maybe a good troubleshooting step to provide the support team when you create the ticket.

I just fixed the same problem with my scale. I went into the wyze app clicked on the scale and then went into settings and then clicked on delete device at the bottom. After that I added the scale again and it’s working like it’s supposed to now

Awesome, glad it’s working for you. Sorry if I missed your other post. I don’t think I got a notification.

Oh different person, geez
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I learned that the sequence (for me) is to step on the scale and complete the measurement, turn BT off, then on. Open Wyze app / Scale. In a moment it goes from ‘not connected’ to ‘connected’ and gets the data. If I don’t cycle BT, the app never gets the data. Which brings up a point… How many measurements can the scale store without downloading to the app? For example, if I only connect the app to the scale once per week but measure every day, would I get all seven measurements, or is that too many for the Scale to store?