Wyze scale dese what?

To the best of my testing ability I find the new Wyze scale useless except for finding ones weight.
The scale will not stay connected to Bluetooth as normal devices. i always have to reconnect it. With cell phone in hand i can see it connect’ shows my weight, then shows a ____% then goes to sleep.
In the app it will show my weight but all the other measurements are blank.
What am i missing?

It now seems obvious that no one is working to fix the short comings of this Wyze product. Tech support does nothing and the “Community” is mum, too.

Ok, it’s just a black scale and it does work as a scale to get your weight. Don’t even have to insert a penny.
The rest of its features are a fiction.

I too, am disappointed with the scale. It will not connect via bluetooth now. I don’t want to loose my history by removing and readding it,but I guess I’ll have to. I’ve gotten no response from my log submission concerning the issue.

My Wyze Scale is fantastic! All readings and measurements show up fine, way more than other scales I’ve had. Hard to believe it was 20 bucks.

Is your app Android or iOS?

I’m using an Andriod. I have followed the troubleshooting steps that are offered, but it did not fix the problem.

So the steps below did not allow it to connect?

  1. Force close the Wyze app, then re-open it.
  2. Turn off your Bluetooth connection, then turn it back on.
  3. Navigate to the Wyze Scale screen in the app.
  4. Step on the scale to activate it. If Connected displays, you’re all set.

If you tap on the scale, does the Bluetooth symbol display? If so, you might be able to "Forget this Device" in your phone’s Bluetooth settings, and re-add through your phone’s Bluetooth settings. I’ve done this with my headphones without having to re-add to the Wyze app. The headphones actually show “Pairing Mode” unlike the scale.


I am using the WYZE scale without issue on Android (actually my entire family with a mix of Android and iPhone). I have some friends running Android as well and they did have some issues on their particular phones.

One of the problems we discovered is that the her phone had some software that automatically closes and/or prevents apps from starting (power saving feature). She had to make sure the WYZE app was ‘whitelisted’ in this software to allow it to always run peroperly.

I would also make sure that you check the App Info/App Permissions to allow full permission to the WYZE app and all its functions.

I am not sure either of these solutions will help you, but I hope they do (or someone else).

All the best,

Thanks for info. I will check it out.

I will probably have to reset and start over. I have attempted to get it
to work with my Android in my hand. I see the Bluetooth device but all I
get is my weight.