Scale not connecting - fixed with reboot

The scale stopped connecting to the Wyze app on my android phone after update to version. Tried deleting the device, but the app could not discover the scale when I tried to add the device back again. I could see Bluetooth device WSCL1 in my phone settings, but the Wyze app just would not connect to the scale.

I read somewhere to try rebooting the phone, this did fix the connection problem for me.

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I’ve had this problem with various devices, including the scale (but sometimes with other companies’ devices too). Like you, I found rebooting the phone usually resolves it. Something else that has worked for me fairly regularly is to turn off my Bluetooth on my phone, wait a few seconds, then turn it back on, and often that fixes the issue too. It makes it so I don’t have wait as long doing a full reboot. If you have that issue again in the future, try just turning off the Bluetooth and then turn it back on.
Another thing that works sometimes is to open the Bluetooth (I long press on the slider shortcut for it), then select “Pair new Device” and after stepping on and off the scale just for a second to make sure it’s awake, I just click on the Wyze scale Bluetooth name, which I think shows up as W-something as I recall. When I click on that, it forces it to pair and all is good.

Those options might save you in the future from having to do a full reboot. Though, honestly, I like to reboot my phone/computer/router every so often anyway since a reboot is good for fixing any memory leak issues that could be making things not function as well as they otherwise normally would.

I’ve had nothing but issues with ALL of my Wyze products. Currently Robot Vacuum has no WiFi so it just sits at the charging station incapable of doing anything. . . . . Wyze Scale connects to my phone app but has no display no matter how long I stand on the scale. Wyze support is non existent as I’ve sent feedback via app with no response to date. Every time Wyze does an update all of my devices glitch and no longer function as they previously had prior to update.