WYZE Scale only Connecting Bluetooth to a Single User

Recently bought a WYZE Scale. Set it up and connected via Bluetooth to my phone and everything works fine. My wife setup a different account and I shared the scale with her. She got hooked up and can use it, no problem.

The issue is that I cannot connect to the scale at all now. The app shows the scale as not connected. However, I bring my wife’s phone in and it shows connected. A phone is not within bluetooth range of the scale when the other is trying to connect.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!

Power cycle the scale and sign out of your app then back in

Hello @tmehringer and welcome to the community.

When I have ben unable to connect to mine I can usually turn the Bluetooth on my phone off and then back on and it will connect, you might try turning off the Bluetooth on your wifes phone while you do this also.

Thanks all for your suggestions!

I tried both suggestions above, but neither appeared to fix the problem.

Luckily, the problem fixed itself today and everything seems to be working fine.