Wyze Scale not connecting to second users Android/Wyze app

I set the scale up for myself - worked fine and continues to work fine. Set it up for my wife - is very inconsistent and now it won’t connect at all. Had to turn the BT off on my phone for her to use it previously - still doing that - no connect. Tried uninstalling app. Then reinstalled - it shows scale immediately within app, doesn’t do a “add device”. Can’t get rid of the scale to do a clean uninstall. Can’t use it. Dead to her. WHAT DO WE DO? (or - does it really NOT work with multiple users/accounts/apps?)

I had to enable “nearby devices” permission on my phone just to get it to pair with my new watch. You may try something similar if your phone has similar permissions settings. (I have a Pixel 3a with Android 12 installed, for reference).