Wyze Band Questions/Suggestions

So I got my Wyze band today and have a few questions. First off;
Version is
Android app.

Ok first, Clock app on android is not available on the notifications list. I understand the device has its own clock function but I would prefer to use the same app thats been getting me up for years. Is there any way to get it activated? If I need to “officially” request this as a wishlist item is the wish area in the forum the only place?

Second like everyone, I have the issue where the weather app displays Seattle till a reboot.

Third, I have seen it requested but no answer, integrations with google Fit would be nice since its got my blood pressure and glucose monitoring already.

Fourth, Shortcuts. It would be nice if they could also launch application shortcuts on the phone apps. For example to be able to hit a shortcut to start recording audio in an emergency. On Android if it could launch a 3rd party app like Tasker while passing a shortcut id that would be amazing added function with minimal work on your part.

99% of what I bought the band for was notifications. The display is beautiful, I have not found a way to adjust the timeout that turns off the display, is there a way, I read a little slower than some folks at times.

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I would add it to the Wishlist! The wishlist is looked at by Wyze themselves and sometimes they’ll give you a response.

This happens to me too. The only difference with me is that it shows “no data”.

This is a great idea👍. I’ve seen mentions of it around in various topics but I’d also add this to the Wishlist too!
Someone has been asking for Sri shortcuts:

Hope this helps! :grinning:

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