New Product - Wyze Watch

Create a more advanced version of the wyze band with more features to make it like a full fledged smartwatch. Bigger OLED screen, NFC, maybe GPS, pulse ox sensor, altimeter for tracking stairs, receive/answer phone calls with a built-in speaker, text with automated replies through watch, maybe BP monitoring and try to keep a week long battery life. Something that is comparable to a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 or Apple watch.

This would be in addition to having the wyze band in their lineup of products.

I would love a more advance version of the Wyze Band!

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The more I use my Wyze Band the more I’d like a larger screen and full function watch like the one already being suggested. Why not go for a full feature competitor to the iWatch. I constantly wish the Band screen would be larger when looking at notifications since I have to keep scrolling to read them, a larger screen would allow you to read. OST notifications without scrolling. All the other features the original poster stated would be great. Make/receive calls, respond to texts, etc…


Also make sure that it can connect to Google Assistant in addition to Alexa.


I was wondering if the hardware would support blood pressure monitoring? I notice some other entry-level products have this function and was wondering if it could be implemented on the Wyze Band?


hey wyze you need to make wyze band with a little speaker so you can talk on the phone with it or so that alexa can talk to you

Are you looking for them to make a more advanced band like a watch or a basic wyze band V2?

yes like your origional post

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when do you think this will comeout

It was tagged maybe later so I don’t think it will be anytime soon.

ok we can only hope

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I am ready to add this to my cart for purchase when pre-order is available! :crossed_fingers::grinning:

Preorder is available now! :smiley:


Has anyone been able to pre-order a separate band for the new watch? Every time i hit the pre-order button it says it can’t be added to my cart. I want to order it with the watch so hopefully I dont have to pay full shipping for 2 orders.

Also why did they remove Alexa functionality? Makes me sad because I love that feature on my band. Still for the price I want to give this watch a shot because if there is one thing I wanted on the band it was a larger screen.

I see the button is working now. Time to preorder!

Tried to pre-order but I get stuck where the “shipping methods” box says “sorry, no quotes available for this order at this time”. Help! I want to pre-oreder!

I was going to order the Wyze Watch but I only have a prepaid Android cell phone.
Does it use a lot of memory from the cell phone or just access my cell?

I know it’s already pretty inexpensive but has anyone seen a discount code to get free shipping or discount? Always looking for a deal.

Well, you’re going to have to download the WYZE app to sync with the watch to get all of the functionality from the Watch. The watch would connect via Bluetooth and should not use your data plan.

As to how much space it would use, the app and all my docs associated with the app is 259 MB, but I have 2 WYZECam v2, a PanCam, an OutDoor Cam and Basestation, a WYZE Band and a WYZE Scale all connected to my app/iPhone right now. Hope that helps.

Just so you know, the WYZE app for iOS / Apple is 148.3 MB. I suggest you look at the Android App Store to see the size that version uses on the phone’s memory, but note that as you use the different options on the Watch (sleep tracker / steps monitor / etc) there will be a little more memory needed to store the data on your phone.

As for the price, you really can’t beat it and I’ve never seen an addition discount for shipping unless it’s a special promotion. The $19.99 price is the presale price, there is always the chance that the regular price could be more after the presale is over. Based on the functionality on the Watch compared to other brands you are already getting a deal. Hell, it’s cheaper than the WYZE Band when I bought that and you’re getting a much bigger screen than what the Band has.

I bought the WYZE Watch to see how the larger screen compares to my Apple Watch because it was only $20 (and cheaper than the band I got for my Apple Watch) - worst thing that could happen is that I end up giving it to my daughter