New Product - Wyze Watch

gerald.jilbert Thank you so much for the info! I’ll ck. it out. I know it is a great deal, just trying to discern if it will make sense for the phone I have, etc.
so your info is very helpful.

Why is body temperature not something to be monitored these days?
Very few devices monitor temp, but many career fields right now require folks to take their temp twice a day.
Fever is apparently an early indicator of covid, so a continuous body temp monitor seems like it would be popular.


What is the expected ship date for pre-orders placed on 12-01-20?

Be nice to eventually get another version with a speaker, i’d definetly pay another 10 bucks for that. I got the band to be able to use alexa. making a smart watch without one, especially with the door locks and everything else, doesnt make alot of sense. I’m still buying one, but a speaker version would be awesome!

I ordered on Dec 11 and it’s in “pick n’ pack”,
others have reported theirs shipped.
But then I had a V3 ship on Feb 11 via USPS and it didn’t get here until about March 10. :frowning:

MIne was ordered 12-1-20 and also shows “in packing” as of 03-15-21.

Sure hope it is and is not delayed.

Mine also was ordered on 12/1 but I am only in “Processing”. I am not sure when it even switched to that. Mine was the 47mm version and I had an optional color band ordered with it.

Did you order the same version or the smaller one?

I also ordered on 12/1 - one of each size watch plus one additional band and my status is still showing “Preorder Watch”
I guess since I have 3 separate items that mines going to take longer to process and ship. Pretty sure the watch only per size are easier and will ship quicker than combo orders.

Just got my watch and initial impression is really positive. Build quality seems great and the core functionality on iOS is strong. Can’t wait to see enhancements in the coming weeks/months. Customizable watch faces with modular widget areas would be great. It needs some more traditional digital faces, too.

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I have just received my Wyze Watch. What beautiful produce for $20! I love it very much!
I hope the following easy to implement and much-have new features will be available with the next software updates:

  1. Alam
  2. Notification for out of range of heartbeat, blood oxygen monitor (range configurable)

I received mine yesterday 03-26-21. Very happy with it.

Only thing I think that won’t be as accurate as i like is the sleep tracking. I don’t know if there are any android apps that will sync sleep data with it. But, I’m happy with the watch overall.

I received my watch Friday. To begin, it’s very impressive for the price. It is not, however, even close to my Apple Watch or the Galaxy smart watch I used to use. The functionality is VERY basic. I’m disappointed in the sleep tracking. It completely missed one night and got the other night wrong. I also wish it had a watch face showing weather and text messages. Connection to my outlook calendar would be amazing. But, again, for the price you can’t beat it. I plan to wear my Apple Watch (with its horrible battery life) during the day and this one at night while my Apple Watch charges.

An update: Alam/timers are on the watch! they are just not listed on the mobile app.

Still haven’t received mine even though it has shown as in packing status since 3/15. The two wyze wizards I’ve spoken too both said it was an error on their part as they printed mailing labels too early. This morning now though I’m wondering if that is even true because according to the preorder update email last week all preorders were during the time range I ordered in should have shipped by now but I’m still “packing”… :frowning:

Not to mention all my wyze cans and sensors have been struggling to stay connected to the app and/or my bj network requiring multiple reboots of devices and AP’s trying to get them back online. Nothing has changed as far as farcas my setup or topology so not sure why its happening but Pretty tired of it at this point. It hasn’t been a very wyze weekend

I find mine pretty good too. I mainly was looking for a Sleep patterns then O2/Heart rate. After using it I would like better sleep data as it won’t detect my naps or swing shift sleep pattern.

Also having simple apps for the watch would be good, such as Task list, calendar, a calculator would make it much more useful. replying to text messages would be great also. I know the watch has limitations but I feel being able to load a couple of items would make a large difference.

need a way to switch between the wyze ban and wyze watch my notifications defalt to the band and get no notifications to the watch. mabie a toggle in the app to manualy switch between the two.

I would like it if my Wyze Watch could open my Wyze Door Lock

Can or will heart rate variability (HRV) be added in the future? It seems to have all the data just lacks the algorithm to calculate the variability.

My first watch period in my adult life, 54 years old. I’m enjoying the sleep data and HR info. The silicon band isn’t bad but I’ve ordered the leather in green hoping it will conform to my wrist better.

Thanks, great device for $25!

Have you ever considered getting into pool automation. Existing systems are crazy expensive and don’t work that great.
I think it could be great market and east to dominate.

I love the simplicity and functionality of this watch, but for those wanting to use the Wyze Watch while also using nutritional/diet apps such as WeightWatchers (now WW) it is still a no-go.

WW syncs with Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit to determine how many activity points one earns when exercising. I tried using the Wyze watch on both my Apple (using Apple Health) and Android (using Google Fit) devices to see if the exercise that I performed and tracked while using the Wyze Watch would sync with those respective apps and then in turn, synch with Weight Watchers. Though steps did eventually sync and convert into WW, the exercises did not sync into those apps and valuable Activity Points were not entered into those respective apps. Any insight into how those two apps capture the Wyze exercises would be greatly appreciated.