Sync to Fitbit from Wyze Watch

I’m a bit confused. The Wyze Scale already synchronizes to Fitbit. I expected to see an option for synchronization to Fitbit but it’s not there. Is this a scheduled feature? It’s really a hard requirement for me since it provides way more information about things and I have years of history with them.

I can imagine this being a shared sentiment in the community as well. I’d love to test this as well, if necessary.

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The title mentions the Wyze Watch, how would syncing the FitBit and Wyze Watch work? Would the FitBit share data with the watch. Would the watch connect to the FitBit app?

I will also tag the @mods to make this a #wishlist item or move it f one has already been created.

Did I place this topic in the wrong place?

Also, I figure it’d be a similar to how the Scale handled synchronization. Pushing step counts, heart rate information, etc to FitBit.

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It would be awesome to push my steps/HR data from the Wyze app to other sync tools like Google Fit or FitBit.