Wyze Band - WW (Weight Watchers) Integration

Are there plans to have the Wyze Band activity sync with the activity tracker function of the WW (Weight Watchers) app? This is a very important feature to me and the primary reason that I have a Fitbit. I would change to Wyze Band in a heartbeat if it could sync w/ WW!

-Mike Warriner

Same here, Mike. There may be a simpler way but am still trying to figure that out. If Wyze can figure out a way to populate/update the Apple Health Activities, you would get your fitness points for walking and exercising, just like Fitbit. I see that my steps are carrying over to WW using Apple Health, but just not the exercises yet.


I wish I had realized this was a problem before buying. I’m also having an issue getting it to accurately transfer to the apple health app which will connect to WW. I liked my old Fitbit charge 3 but since it was dying on me I needed something. I wasn’t willing to spend a fortune for a watch so for $20 for the wyze watch 47 I guess I won’t complain to much. It’s a pain to have manually enter everything on WW. I really hope they do something to make it compatible