Watch sync to Apple Health - and beyond

So I have a number of apps that sync to and/or from Apple Health on my iPhone.

47c watch—>Wyze app—>Health—>Virgin Pulse (workplace health plan savings app)

It seems to work, but can take a while to sync and like last night the steps didn’t sync before midnight so I didn’t get credit. They didn’t sync this morning.

Does anyone know if these syncs with Health are push/pull and what initiates the handshakes?

I also use Wyze>Apple Health>Virgin Pulse. My Wyze Watch 47 doesn’t seem to upload to the app very often, so most days I open the watch page in the Wyze app to synch data. It goes from there to Apple health really quickly, but then does not upload to Virgin Pulse until I open their phone app. As soon as I open the Virgin Pulse phone app it uploads, and I can refresh Virgin Pulse in the web browser and see it there also.
Since September I have not been able to get my Wyze Scale data to transfer to Apple Health. It logs in Wyze app, and share settings are all correct, but it won’t synch to Apple for some reason. Have not been able to figure it out.

To summarize, 1st problem, My watch loses connection to the app frequently. I have to open the app to reconnect daily. 2nd problem, I don’t know why Virgin Pulse app does not pull the apple health data in the background. Seems like it should update several times a day in the background. Maybe I’ll double check the app settings in Apple settings and make sure those apps are allowed to run in the background.

The only way I can get the scale to work is to first open Wyze app and click on scale. Make sure it syncs. Go weigh, open Wyze app again. It syncs.

Same way with watch. Go to app, and sync watch to app. Open virgin pulse and then it sucks down info. Isn’t “automatic.” but just requires remembering to do this each time. It’s better than manual entry I guess.

The watch needs resynced every day. Every time I’ve tried to use my watch to find my phone it isn’t synced. :man_facepalming:t2:

Just re-read your post. My apple health lost its sync back to Pulse one time. Seems like I completely disconnected and re-set it up. It’s been a while so don’t remember details. it’s currently working with the quirks I mentioned above.