Wyze band and Apple Health

How do I get the band to parse data to Apple Health? The band does not show up as one of the devices feeding info to Apple Health.

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I don’t think that feature is available yet…

Band does not appear to integrate with Apple Health or other exercise trackers. Assuming the 30% steps undercount problem gets fixed, the inability to use steps in downstream apps renders Band non-competitive vs Fitbit. I use activity data in CarbManager and for blood glucose management. As my Charge 3 is showing signs of screen failure, I was hoping Band could avoid a charge 4 purchase. If not (looks not), the Band won’t be useful to me for another 2 years. Price tag and lovely color screen don’t substitute for data and reasonable accuracy.

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I love the Wyze Band, it’s an amazing value like all your products. But for the activity data to be more useful it needs to be able to sync with other apps, chiefly Apple Health for iOS users since other 3rd party apps (Noom etc) can pull data from there. (I see Wyze Scale can send to Apple Health which is encouraging.) I would love to know if this is being worked on and if so what stage it’s at. Thanks!


I’m loving the watch! Price point was awesome. I wanted something waterproof for summer since I have an older Apple Watch but since the data is locked into the Wyze app it’s not very useful. Need it to talk to apple health or at least something like MapMyFitness or Strava