My Wyze Watch 47 Suggestions & Feedback

Here are my suggestions and feedback from my Wyze Watch 47. Overall I am happy with my order and get many questions about it. Adding the following would only make

Software Additions or Adjustments:

  • Adjustment to the notification vibrations to meet our needs/personal sensitivities to recognize the alert - short, long, insanely long
  • App-specific notification icons: YouTube, Facebook, Email
  • Customizable watch faces – imagery, colors, font sizes, etc. OR more options that are easily viewed at a glance in outdoor environments
  • Customize what apps are enabled/disabled on the phone using the Wyze app: allow us to remove the unused apps.
  • Tap/Double Tap to wake or similar.
  • More Apps

Hardware or Physical Adjustments:

  • Charging magnets are incredibly too weak. Both my 47 and my wife’s 44 fall off at just the slightest touch.

Here are my suggestions and feedback from my Wyze Watch 47. Overall I too am happy with my order as the price is unbeatable! Here are my thoughts:

Software Additions or Adjustments:

  • Improve device control - shortcuts are not what I expected. Could we have some sort of interface to the phone app and pull the device data? Poll this every so often to catch changes. Allow the user to “select” a device, but what really happens is that the commands/data flow to the phone App for execution.
  • Alexa! That would address much of the above issue. Would also be nice to have a Skill so we could interrogate the watch via Alexa - “Alexa, ask Wyze how many steps I have done today?”. Since the data is synched to he phone, this should be easy enough?
  • Customizable watch faces – needs to have a library like Fitbit, and also allow independent developers to create and market their designs.
  • Allow SpO2 readings on some sort of trigger? At the moment, it’s not very helpful.
  • Allow goals using not only Steps, but Miles and km. I’d like a 5 mile a day goal.
  • Some indication of heart health based on historical data (rate, SpO2, daily goal, etc)?

Hardware or Physical Adjustments:

  • Can we get some purpose made screen protectors?
  • I found that the 22mm watch bands on Amazon fit perfectly - I now have a lovely silver band. Are you making any bands? It would be nice to have some cool (colors, designs) watch covers - enhance the look and provide protection.
  • Charging magnets are incredibly weak. I know the other post has this, but I wanted to add my frustration. I would like a small “dock” like you get with, say, a Fitbit Versa (or a pad)? Also the USB cable length was a tad short.



Update to automatically sync the watch data to the Wyze App running in the background of the watch.

I have noticed that I have to manually launch the Wyze App on my phone to get the data to sync and then update my Google Fit data.

Suggestion … If the phone is running the Wyze app in the background AND there is Bluetooth connectivity between the phone and the watch, periodically during the day sync the data, maybe every hour or so …


Where is this watch face depicted on the 47mm order form. Seems like false advertising if its not available when you receive the watch. I know its on the 44mm


I agree. I have several gripes about the watch, but the syncing is the worst issue. I use it for fitness/step count tracking. I have an iPhone and other fitness trackers that I’ve used would automatically use bluetooth to sync steps to Health Kit. I’m not sure if the fitness band apps were running in the background, but there were definitely periodic syncs.

With the Wyze app, I’m not even sure if step data is coming from the watch or if it’s just my phone tracking my steps because it’s in my pocket. In order to sync data I have to open the wyze app and then open my individual Wyze device (scale, phone, camera).

What I really hate is that if I have say 10,000 steps on my watch and I go to bed and forget to open the app and sync my watch data, that the data is just lost. I can never get it to sync over to health kit if I forget to do it before bed.

To compound the problem, because other 3rd party health apps, (noom, weight watchers, etc) can’t sync directly from the watch, they rely on the data to be updated in HealthKit/Google Fit.

As it stands right now, the watch is not worth even $30 (let’s be honest about the price. It’s not $20+$9 shipping. It’s $30 with free shipping)

If you are trying to use it for fitness tracking the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 for $30 (free shipping on Amazon) is everything you need. That is what I had before the Wyze Watch 47 and what I will be going back to until there is a firmware update that fixes the fitness tracking.

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Thanks for the reply.

I want to like the Wyze Watch 47…

I always end up going back to my 3 year old Amazfit Bip OG :-

What I really hate is that if I have say 10,000 steps on my watch and I go to bed and forget to open the app and sync my watch data, that the data is just lost. I can never get it to sync over to health kit if I forget to do it before bed.

I’m having the same issue when syncing to Apple health kit. It will sync if I have the app open during the same day but it will not update fitness data for previous days if you open up the app on a day after the data is recorded. I can still see this data in the Wyze app but it does not write to health kit. This issue combined with the lack of exercise categories makes Wyze Watch 47 not very useful for fitness tracking over periods of time outside the Wyze app. However, I think if these issues are definitely fixable in a software updated. I still think with a few improvements it would make an excellent budget fitness tracker for iPhone users.

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Now that I’ve had the watch for a bit I wanted to give some feedback too. I’ll preface this by saying I knew what it was when I picked it up and I’d used the band for about a year prior and some of my pain points with the band pushed me to try the watch.

Data screen:
This screen really needs to include sleep data. I’m not really sure why they are disconnected, but when I swipe left from the watch face, I’d like to see sleep data too.

Definitely allow customization of the defaults here. Further, the swipe control to set a custom time does feel reliable. I think there’s a snapping mechanism in play but I never know for sure if it’ll land on the right number and it feels really difficult to get precise control to adjust it.

I’d love to see more tracked options. Specifically walking and bike riding.

Sleep Tracking:
This generally works well for me, but I have pretty standard and regular sleep cycles. I’d love for it to track naps if I get them in the afternoon as well. I recall the band initially did this but had a lot of false positives with people working at desks so it changed to what’s there now. Biggest piece here is improve sleep detection and allow for daytime tracking.

ADD EMOJII SUPPORT. This is just unconscionable in today’s world. Emojii’s are the bread and butter of social communication and it really sucks to just get a blank notification. I’d also love it if there was some limited emojii responses like happy, sad, thumbs up, thumbs down.

There’s also some oddities with notifications from certain apps like Skype where you get a second message telling you there’s a new message in a conversation. This second message means you can’t actually see the real message unless you scroll through the received notifications.

I’d really like to see the name associated with the number coming through. Would make this much easier.

I’d like to see this autosync every hour or half hour. I’d also like to be able to tap on the weather from the quick settings screen when you swipe down from the watch face to open the weather app proper since it follows that if you want more information you’ll want to open the weather app and that then requires going back to the watch face, then going to apps, then opening weather.

Scrolling on the notifications, Data, and Sleep screens all seems really off. It’s not smooth or precise. It feels like there’s a really bad attempt to snap the scroll to certain points or a flick acceleration effect which just breaks the feeling of control and makes it hard to center the information you want to see.

I’d like to see a return of the band feature that drops the screen brightness when do not disturb is on.

I don’t typically have an issue with syncing notifications or other connected activities, but it would be nice if it would periodically sync the data to the app so i don’t have to wait.

Watch faces:
Some of these are objectively bad, but some are ok. I’d like to see a few more though in the vein of what you’d see on android wear, watchOS, or FitBit would be nice.

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Steps Can you also have it do a conversion to miles.
Battery It is 3 days tops.
Pulse is still slow and not constant like other trackers
Weather Pretty useless
Sync is really inconsistent
Screen Protector Is there going to be one?
Bands. Any nicer ones in the future

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