Few things to work out on Watch 47mm

Few things that need to be looked into for the watch to go from 3 stars to 5 stars:

  • Ability to use the timer function and go back to the main screen while the timer is going.

  • Font size adjustments

  • Better instructions for users so they know for Android phones you need to enable special permissions in the Android settings for the Wyze app so it can send ALL notifications vs on getting Incoming Calls, and SOME text messages (SMS come through, but Google Messages Chat format messages… Not so much until the extra permission is given.)

  • Fix the Gmail notification where it shows more than who the email is from and the subject. The Microsoft Outlook app gives me all of that info in the notification sent to my watch so… They’ll need to find that hang-up and address it.

  • Watch Faces - Will there be a designer app for this? So people can make their own faces and make their own which would reduce some stress on the Wyze developers on this…

  • Media Controls - A few people whom originally pre-ordered the watch claim on the screen it showed a youtube / youtube music logo and stated “Control your media” but alas, I’m not finding it now in any images… Either way, this is something that needs attention.

  • Ability to pair device on Android as a true Bluetooth device so Smart Lock can be enabled and as long as I’m in range of my phone, I can unlock it without having to use extra steps like PIN, Pattern, Facial Recognition, Fingerprint. Just pick it up and use it. Grew used to that feature when using other watches.

  • Ability to customize (add / remove) icons from the apps screen. Just like on the Wyze Band, you can hide certain menus, so let me hide certain apps please.

I think that just about does it. I don’t think any of these are out of scope when looking for things to improve that can make it much better than it currently is. It’s not a bad watch, but it’s not great yet either… But it will be!


The timer doesn’t just stop when turning to the main screen. It stops when it sleeps. Any timer longer than the sleep time is cancelled?

Fully agree to trusted blue tooth device.

All said. Good watch. These changes would make it very good.

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