WYZE Watch 47 Feature Request

Just got my WYZE watch 47mm and, overall, I like it. I was, however, a little disappointed in the lack of watch faces and the ability to only have 3 faces saved at a time. Not a huge deal, though. The biggest features that are currently lacking are as follows:

Android Messages - (THIS IS A BIG ONE) Without using messages plus (which I don’t like as much as the Messages app) incoming text messages do not show the contact name but rather only show the number. Almost makes this feature unusable if no contact name shown.

Music Remote - would like to see integration with Spotify or Apple Music to be able to control music from the watch.

Always On Display - would like to see this option made available since other brands have added this feature as well.

Expanded fitness tracker - Only see indoor run as an option to track fitness. Would love to see an expanded list like Apple and Samsung to track basic fitness metrics.

Shortcuts - I have a WYZE sprinkler controller and I noticed that the shortcut only allows me to run a single zone for a specific amount of time. I have 8 zones and would love to be able to choose run “All Zones” instead of just one zone or manually selecting each individual zone once a single zone finishes.

I know this is a relatively new product and new features will without a doubt be coming in future releases, but a few of these are pretty basic features that should have been included out of the box. Hope an update will take care of them sooner than later.


IIRC the ability to see contact name instead of number is tied to how the contacts app in android formats their phone number. I had to update my numbers for ones that didn’t show right so that it auto-formatted the number before I reliably got names instead of just numbers.

I have the same complaint about the fitness tracker. I do a multitude of different activities and it’s all being tracked the same. There was NO way I only burned 76 calories when I was doing a leg weight lifting day. It tracks the heart rate really well. But in order to figure out calories I have to go out to a different calorie calculator with the average heart rate and time exercising to get an approximation of how many calories I actually burned.


Got my watch and used it just a couple of days. I can’t deal with the horrible watch faces. Got mine at launch and still haven’t gotten any updates with decent watch faces. I would think this was an easy update to push.

I guess expectations were very high on my part for budget watch. Would have been better served with a mi band from xaiomi.

Wyze got too many gadgets out at once and customer experience is suffering.


I second the request for expanded fitness tracking. What I’d most like to see it the ability to calibrate the distance or stride length. I find it is reasonably accurate for walking, but significantly underestimates distance when I’m jogging.
I could raise a few other issues, but it does keep time and that’s a lot for $20.

With the lack of updates for this watch and the very few posts on the forums, I’m guessing it was not a sit with Wyze and this is not just another one of the random ass things Wyze makes.

The watch in its current state is a really comfy, very nice looking piece of crap. Now they are going to raise the price… good luck Wyze.

However in the spirt of this post, I would like to make a few suggestions to bring with watch from a turd sandwich on your wrist to an actual functioning smart-ish watch.

#1 Watch faces - This one area can make or break a smart watch and SO many people ignore it… however, Wyze went above and beyond that and just make REALLY bad, ugly non functioning faces. 90% of them are are very ugly and JUST tell the time and date. One which is super ugly, shows you the things you ACTUALY want in a smart watch (Electron I’m puking at you). Shame it takes forever to update, so its pointless to check. Throw some resources into making something function and nice looking. You have a beautiful big screen and have Pre School face design going on.

#2 Notifications - Get that team going on recognizing at least the major app notifications. Just because it is listed under OTHER in the app (it knows the names), Don’t actually GROUP them all into OTHER and make us guess which it is from the notification subject. Also show more than the last 10, when in the message let me swipe left or right to go to the next one. SUPER annoying to back out find the next one and go in and check… might as well get my phone out. ANY kind of auto response to emails, voice to text or preselected would be WONDERFUL, Even more so if able to create the preset in the Wyze app.

#3 - Music controls… how was this missed!!! No ability to control any kind of music app even though the watch is Bluetooth to the phone… I would think Spotify and Apple Music would have been a launch day thing.

#4 - Apps… missing so many things here. This watch should be able to send commands and get data from all Wyze products. That is huge miss here and an area no other watch manufacture could compete with. If you could have seen the camera on the watch… instant fame! Not even a Chronograph… REALLY. It has a run timer, but no stopwatch… WTF?!? No bright screen flashlight?

Yeah I know this was a budget watch, but a few more options and it could have been amazing even for a bit more money. Right now it is pretty much just a watch. You can get the same features from an Alibhai watch.

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My partner bought a watch on Amazon for $44 that check your blood pressure . I was hoping this watch would have, or add it in an update. For $19.95 I guess it really does a lot, but I think they’re just testing the market to see if it will fly at a cheap price before they commit to it. There are too many apps like fitness that I can’t remove from the watch face so I only display what I want. Guess I’ll have to break down and buy an Apple Watch. It costs a lot more, but being an Apple customer, it’s worth it in the long run.

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Please add different faces/dials. I have kept the stock OEM digital face because the others are so tacky. Please make something in the tool watch variety, a dive style or a flieger with the day and date. Some of us are simple low profile folks. I normally wear a mechanical watch, however I fly quite a bit and changing the times and keeping track is a drag. More faces/dials please…

I have a few things I would like to see:
#1. The ability to customize the present time for the timer. I Referee , so would like k e to have common game times I need, for example 10 12 40 45.
#2 always on timer mode might be interesting
#3 a clock face tool, or data format so we can create our own.
#4 dev kit to develop apps

It’s now December… first post in August. The watch is the same as day 1. No updates or changes. Oh well, the watch works, but would’ve been nice to get more styles of watch face or something.

I guess I don’t understand putting in code that allows for firmware and software updates and then you do nothing with it???

I will jump on the “slow down with new products and fix/polish your current ones” bandwagon.

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Don’t hold your breath. This has been the biggest disappointment of the year. My Apple Watch is dying and I just ordered a Amazfit GTR3 pro to replace it. Wyze watch really screwed up with the ugly / limited faceplates. 95 % of the little selection available are extremely limited in terms of complications or just plain ugly.

So easy to fix yet no love at all. Used the watch 2 times and had been in a drawer collecting dust since….

I haven’t bought one yet so I have no idea what it does, but have not been able to find out if they have a feature I would be looking for…

a tide chart

something where i could check the ocean tide for the day and surrounding days easily.

—also if there was a way to make custom/shareable faces that would be cool

I want to see other activities in the fitness section, Bike, Run, Stairs or Floors, cardio, weights.
I also want to be able to interact with other fitness junkies in a section where they can all see each others daily steps, posts etc. If there is such please let me know. Thank you.

The ability to control Spotify would be very helpful.
“Music Remote - would like to see integration with Spotify or Apple Music to be able to control music from the watch.”