Wyze Watch 47 - Initial Thoughts

Hey folks,

This is my first post on the forums. I’ve been a wyze user for a year or two and have recently done the doorbell and watch-47 preorders. I wanted to provide my initial thoughts on the Wyze-Watch 47.

First of all, I love the physical design. The screen is comfortably large and the feel of the basic rubber strap is nice. It’s very elegant looking overall. I’m impressed with the range of onboard sensors and the speed with which notifications hit the watch (much faster than my Ticwatch S). The battery life is absolutely fantastic and it charges quite quickly as well.

Some desired feedback or features:

  1. I would like the ability to schedule heart rate or SPO2 checks. Start time, stop time and frequency are great. Ideally, I could have one set of settings for awake and another for asleep.
  2. I would REALLY like to see the app icon for my notifications rather than a generic “other” notification. I also am pretty sure that the notification access gives you more summary info than you are displaying. It would be nice to see that summary rather than just From and Subject on email notifications, as an example.
  3. Either more elegant/modern watch faces or some method to create my own. I don’t like any of the ones included in the initial batch.
  4. This is probably an android issue, but I have a persistent notification for Wyze after settings things up. I can’t seem to disable that single persistent notification without killing all notifications for Wyze on my phone. I have a OnePlus 6T running their latest build.

Thanks for putting out great products and I think this watch is a great hardware base with some fantastic opportunities in terms of software.


I agree with most of your points, especially that the watch faces are useless. The numerals are small and hard to read, especially the dot ones. I would like to see less graphics and color and more data like the full Hr:Min:Sec and the entire date Month/Day/Year.


I am very disappointed in this product. First the long delay to get it, maybe test it better and stop with the handheld vacuum until you are sure your product works. Then no notifications, well I can get a text, unidentified, but not notification from my wyze cameras, the step, sleep, calorie is way worse than the wyze band. That was responsive, laid the data out nicely in the app…it worked, why do anything different? Other then the O2 meter, which takes forever, when it works, I can’t see any reason to keep this over my wyze band.

You guys need to get your act together or I think this may be the last wyze product a lot of folks buy.

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Not all of us have perfect vision. It would be nice to have a watch face that shows, in big numbers, the time and the month and date. Or give us a means to create a custom watch face. The ones available now are lacking.

  1. Fix the SPO2 check - it takes forever and multiple requests are needed.
  2. Show the messages and allow replies from the watch. Same for emails - allow deletes.
  3. Watch faces stink, follow some of the existing google watch faces.

I got my watch 4 days ago. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I am not worried about the next software updates or new features, they will come. But for a $25 watch, it is fantastic.

I don’t know how you did it but I found the setup to be very well done on my Android 10 phone. It was great.

Also, this is my 4th smartwatch. I have 2 LGs and one TicWatch. I think they are going in my dresser drawer real soon. Great product and great price.


Definitely Agree !!! Watch face waists too much space on colored graphics. Need larger numerals and more info. The digital dots are way too small and faint. Even the analog face has hands too thin to see outside.

I have to agree. I’m super disappointed with this product. My current Amazfit band, which runs around $60, offers far more features, works reliably, has customized vibration patterns, etc etc. Though I’ve been trying this new band, I’ll likely stick it on the shelf as just a glorified Timex watch. The notifications have been totally useless. The watch faces are not practical. And last night I had to remove the band, do a factory reset and shut it off as for some reason it totally messed up my Wyze Cam recordings and notifications.

Please, please Wye, do NOT develop 1/2 baked stuff like this. As for me, I will not pre-order any more products from Wyze. I can’t trust you will develop a quality product, especially after sitting on our $$ for many weeks. Sure, its only $20, but was this product intended as just a novelty for children?

I honestly don’t understand the hate. Yea it’s not as full featured as some other watches but it cost a fraction of the other guys. I’m not sure what you expect for $25 but I think they hit it out of the park with the initial release. I’d love to see the ability to reply in the future but for what it is (a way to tell time and get notifications) I think they did great. Battery life is outstanding, I’m on day 4 and still at 63%. I put my other watches up because the battery life was so bad, Those watches being Wyze band, Huawei watch, Gear S3, and Galaxy watch.

For v2 I’d love to see mic and speakers and a way to make mobile payments. I wouldn’t mind it being a bit more premium (though the build quality of this thing is impressive, really)


agree. the watch faces are pretty ugly and have a kids look to them more than anything. doubt its possible, but i’d love face.io integration but most likely not smart enough of a watch/storage space.

would like ability to customize watch faces in wyze app; mainly want ability to add steps or hr or date along w/analog or digital watch. ability to choose colors / fonts of each said item and ability to move items on face (ie date on top, hr on bottom and digital time in middle, etc)

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Wyze watch should have the Wyze control app for controlling home devices. It would make sense to have it otherwise, I could get a watch from online that I can install and Actually use the Wyze app for the same price.

I link my Wyze Shortcuts to the watch. By doing this I can trigger Night or Morning Mode, turn lights on and off.

In addition, you get alerts from Wyze for things you wanted to be alerted on.

Are you indicating something more than this? Like being able to create rules or see all of your devices regardless of the Shortcuts created?

Yea already did that and it doesn’t work well on the iPhone 11. it works when I have the app open on the iPhone but what is the point then I have the app open already?

I use both iOS and Android…

I am sure you did this, but in the iOS, did you go to settings, WyzeApp and turn on the Background App Refresh as well as turn on Local Network?

These 2 settings correct a lot of issues.

Yep already did that and it still does not work.

The following is a link which indicated that you need to allow your iMessage to be previewed.

That is already set that does not help.

I like the watch but the software needs improvements. The watch face should have more options and i’d like to see multiple timezones. The notifications are weak and actions for emailm would be great. The timer needs to have all of the settings used defined, or at leats have the custom timer remember the last value entered. There is no stop watch which should be trivial to add given they have a timer. The heartrate is just wrong and i’ve tried many times and checked with my home blood pressure meter which measures heart rate.

my BIGGEST issue is that it can be awkward to get the screen to light up. a touch gesture to wake would have been nice. maybe double tap?

The shortcuts to the Wyze app only when the Wyze app is open on the IPhone which is totally useless. Amazingly though I get all notifications from my IPhone on the Wyze watch.

You would think a Wyze Watch would have the Wyze app on it it is a Wyze watch???

+1 on the request to double tap to wake up screen.