Week one with a Wyze Watch 47

Just a quick first week opinion of using (not necessarily upgrading) to the 47 from the band.

This is just for my 47, since as people have noted, the 44 is a different device and haven’t tested these on my wife’s watch.

Features I miss from the band:

  • Alexa integration
  • Periodic automatic pulse readings
  • Named alarms
  • Timers you can actual FEEL (I think the 47 does one very very very very light vibrate when a timer ends)
  • Knowing what apps are sending notifications, rather than lumping most of the ones I care about under “other”

Things that are nice:

  • Bright, very readable screen
  • Long lasting battery
  • Better sensor to turn on display when raising your wrist

Things that still aren’t great:

  • Very limited and not particularly good watch faces

I understand some of the watches features are less fully-featured because Wyze wanted you to be able to set them from the device (like unnamed alarms), but without a phone nearby, the watch isn’t very useful anyway. At this point, I’m not sure I’m actually going to switch to using the watch full-time. The band seems more full-featured, even though it got very few updates during it’s life.

That’s my take so far. It’s an amazing bit of hardware, regardless of the price, but the software and overall features are somewhat lackluster with the launch version of the software. Hoping some future updates will make it more useful.

For me, I mainly use the watch to let me know of notifications on my phone, give me time, quick alarm, and that’s mainly it. I don’t care about heart rate, O2 level, etc. Here are my main suggestions for Wyze:

  1. Improve the bluetooth connection. I get disconnected even though I’m nearby the phone.
  2. Allow some kinds of visual indication that I have new notifications on the clock face. I don’t want to keep having to swipe down to see if I get any notifications on the phone. A simple notification symbol appearing on the clock face when there’s a new notification is all you need.
  3. Allow alarm another option to be set only for weekdays for daily work and off on weekends.

For the price I can’t complain but these 2 features should be addressed to make it really useful, for me anyway.

A quick update, I found the setting to automatically turn on periodic pulse readings, and it works fine. Also, whatever issue I had with the timer notifications (my wife’s 44 worked fine) was fixed with a watch restart. Now timers have the same vibrating pattern as alarms…
Oh, and for @sqlis, on the 44 there’s a red dot that appears in the upper left of the watch face when new notifications haven’t been read. I have as yet to see any such indicator on my 47.

This is already possible. Swipe left, tap on the alarm clock icon, tap on an alarm, tap on Repeat, and then select the days of the week you’d like it to repeat.