Expand notification functionality in Wyze Watch 47

Please add ability to also clear individual notifications (I read that this functionality already exists in the Wyze Watch 44 - so should be easy enough). Would also like to see ability for clearing the notifications from the watch to also clear them from the phone. I.E. I have an app on my phone that repeatedly reminds me of missed phone calls and txt messages until I acknowledge them and would like to be able to that via the Wyze watch.

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Is this wishlist item to add the mentioned feature to the watch 47? Can that info be added to the wishlist title for clarification?


I have the wyze watch 47 so that’s the one I’m asking for but It’s not specific to the wyze watch 47. My expectation would be the functionality would be exactly the same between the two watch sizes, so the wish list requests would apply to both as well.

I understand your expectation @NCDC91 but the two watches are not identical in functionality in all areas. Your request is very reasonable and I will modify the title as per @Omgitstony’s suggestion to make it clearer.

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This is a Wyze watch so why isn’t it equipped with the Wyze control app? Otherwise it isn’t useful.

I would like to see the notifications clear on the watch once I’ve viewed them on the watch or on my phone. That’s the way it works on my amazfit bip s watch and I love it.


Personally, I’d like the vibrate/buzz to be more intense, or longer in duration. The Wyze Band has a much more aggressive vibrate, and it’s rare that I miss notifications. But with the Wyze Watch 47, the buzzing is so light, I almost always miss the notifications. Anyway, right now this is my main wish for this product.

The other wish might be further customization of watch faces so I can choose the data to display. Time, date, steps, notifications, BT connection status, etc.

I have to say, that I really like this watch so far. It’s an upgrade from the band, and you cannot beat the price.


I also really want the ability to dismiss notifications from the watch. Preferably a swipe, but tapping a “Dismiss Notification” button would also work. I definitely do not want the notifications to dismiss automatically after viewing them on the watch (it wasn’t clear if that’s what @nutsnbolts76 was asking for).

Also, all notifications should show up with the app’s actual name, rather than “Other.”

Hello. Can anyone advise on the following 2 questions:

  1. Is Wyze Watch 47 capable of pushing calendar and reminder notifications from an Android phone? ie. Google calendar/reminders.

  2. Is Wyze Watch 47 capable of syncing with third party health app platforms to track steps and activity? My employer uses MC Link or MotionConnected.

Thanks in advance!

I have a Wyze Watch 47 and I think it would be nice to be able to set Reminders (Like Alarms) that have text associated with them. For example have a weekly reminder to “Put the Trash out” or a daily reminder at 3:30pm to “Pick kids up at school” .

This could sync with iPhone reminders, or just enter in the app.

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Small pet peeve, but why doesn’t Wyze notifications have their own category and icon. I hope to see better Wyze product integration in future updates.


Vibration setting feature

Just got the watch 47mm, loving it but one settings feature that I notice missing is a Vibration setting.

I used an Amazfit 5 for a few months now and one thing I liked about it was that I could customize app notifications to a constant vibration so I could know when I got a notification. The wyze watch only vibrates once , and it isn’t a strong vibration either. It’s not too strong either so I’ve not felt it whenever I get a notification so I’ve missed a few notifications

A vibration setting where each app , message , email , phone call, etc can have an option to customize the vibration from one vibration to constant would be appreciated

Yes , you hit the nail right on the head!!

The vibration should be much stronger and more constant so we can feel it.

My amazfit 5 had a vibration setting for each individual notification from apps , calls , alarms , goals , etc .

I adjusted every notification to a constant vibration , whenever I got a notification it would vibrate very strong 4 times ensuring that I definitely would feel it and I could know.

A vibration setting should definitely be integrated and have an option for a constant vibration as well.

I also agree on the watch face lacking information: time , date , battery percentage, BT connection etc should be able to show on the watch face. All of this was available on my old Amazfit 5.

Besides that it’s been a decent watch after a few days , those 2 features would be very much appreciated!!!

Coming back to address this , the vibration on the watch is ridiculously bad. You get one small vibration when you get a notification , that’s it.

I barely feel it 99% of the time, If I’m not doing anything with my hand and not busy then I’ll feel it but 99% of the time I’m moving my left arm where the watch is placed on and I miss out on notifications just bc I don’t feel it

Really wish their was a setting where the vibration could be adjusted , you could adjust the vibration to 1-4 taps per notification. Or a constant one like my old amazfit had where it would vibrate 4 times , I definitely felt the vibration and never missed a notification

The vibration is probably my biggest issue with the watch , cmon Wyze !