Is Wyze Watch 47 available (5/2024)?

Forgive me if this has been covered ad nauseum, but I’ve been away for a while (health, not the pen). My searches for a Wyze Watch 47 seem to be fruitless. My old WW47 needs charging every morning (more and more), and I’m willing to bite the bullet and pay up for a new one. Any help?
Thanks in advance,

Apparently some models of the Watch 47c are available:

According to the Support article, the differences between Watch 47 and Watch 47c are largely cosmetic:

Whatever your health issue is, I hope that it’s improving!

Thanks so much for your response and well-wishes. All I want to do is just buy the same Wyze Watch I’ve enjoyed for several years: a simple black Wyze Watch 47 with an original black band, just like I have now. Still handy at 82, I would risk changing the battery and sticking with my current one, if it’s something that’s doable. I expect that it’s not “rocket science”. If anyone could walk me through either a process to replace the battery or order an identical new replacement watch, it would be appreciated. Chemo has me less confident than I once was. I’m not worried about a premium to get the watch from a reliable source, Wyze itself being preferred. There are so many scams out there.
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P.S. Just after my last post, I tried buying the Wyze Watch 47 from Wyze. Since the black band was "sold out’, I just went with another color, but at checkout, it said that I have to join Amazon Prime, which I’ve resisted for years. Am I having a senior moment, and is there a way to buy it without the Amazon Prime?

There are two “Add to cart” buttons. The first one is to purchase directly from Wyze, and the second is to “Buy with Prime”, which routes you to Amazon’s site for payment and order fulfillment. Is it possible that you clicked the blue button when you initiated your purchase?


I think there may be some advantages to using the “Buy with Prime” option if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, but I can certainly understand the resistance.

I’m not aware of a process for replacing the battery, but if you end up ordering a new 47-mm Watch, the band replacement should be easy enough if you want to continue using the black band you already have.

You’re welcome. I hope that you’re able to get this figured out and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Crease -
You are a prince! I got it done! With your help! I’m not a giver-upper, but you stuck with me and engaged insight to understand what I was doing wrong. I’m normally savvy-enough to have done it right myself, but this time it took someone willing to see me through it.
Thanks, and may blessings return to you tenfold,

About two years ago, I saw an Apple replacement band at Walmart. It was black metal mesh and very handsome, but of course didn’t fit the Wyze Watch. Because I’m a saver, I have a stock of old watch parts. I rigged what I had to in order to make the band fit my Wyze Watch, which I’ve enjoyed like that ever since. I don’t know if I’ll be able to paste images of my several from the process, but here goes:
image Looks like it works, so here’s another:
“They said it couldn’t be done” (famous last words)

You’re welcome! I’m glad we were able to work through this together and get your questions answered, and I appreciate the kind words. I enjoy helping when I can.

That’s cool that you were able to customize a solution for your current watch, too.

I don’t own and use as many Wyze products as a lot of people here, but the Watch 47 is one I use every day, and I think it’s underappreciated. Lately I’ve been hoping that Wyze will give it some more love by fixing some bugs I’ve described in individual topics and the current Fix-It Friday. I don’t have a lot of confidence that Wyze’ll do anything about the issues I’m reporting, but :crossed_fingers:.

FWIW, if you’d be interested in buying a spare… is Amazon’s clearance website, and they frequently have Wyze refurbished products on sale (and occasionally New old stock Wyze items also). Anyway, they have refurbished Watch 47c and also Wyze Bands available right now (5/27/24, Happy Memorial Day) among a bunch of other Wyze products.

Look under the Electronics page for “Wyze Smart Home Solutions”
Wyze Smart Home Solutions @

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Good luck, Crease. Frustrating when your valid suggestions are ignored.

My Wyze Watch 47c has arrived and an update may be worthy of note;

  1. Although Wyze lists the regular old black band model UNAVAILABLE at ~$33, when I paid up for an alternate band I don’t need or want ($44), when the new one arrived, along with the band, it had a black band attached. If it was AVAILABLE on the replacement watch as long as I popped for an extra band, why didn’t they just offer it at $33? Sounds ethically questionable.
  2. The only reason I bought a new WW after about 4 years with the original was because the battery held a charge for only two days (the new one is working great after three days of use).
  3. On the old WW, I could change the position of the icons, but I haven’t been able to see anything that suggests that I can do it on the new one. Irritating to have to scroll for what I want to see. Any help on this one?
    Thanks, to Crease and all,

Are you talking about the app icons that you see when you swipe left from the Watch’s home screen? If that’s the case, then you should be able to do this in the Wyze app:

  1. From the main screen of the app, tap your current Watch 47c to get to the main Watch screen.
  2. Scroll down (swipe up) until you see Watch App Display.
  3. Tap Watch App Display.
  4. On the Watch App Display screen, you can drag to re-order the app icons. Do this with a long-press and drag on the on the right side of each app’s line in the list to rearrange the apps in the order you want. Although they’re ordered in a top-to-bottom list on this screen, on the Watch face they’ll be ordered from left-to-right in top, middle, and bottom rows (3 × 3 icons).
  5. Once you have the apps in the desired order, tap Save in the upper-right.

That should save the new order of the apps on your Watch’s app screen. The following steps are probably unnecessary, but I like to reboot/restart (and in the Watch’s case resync) devices after making configuration changes:

  1. From the main Watch screen, tap the midline horizontal ellipsis in the upper-right corner.
  2. On the Watch Info screen, tap Reboot Device and confirm with Yes.
  3. Tap the left angle bracket < in the upper-left corner to navigate back to the Watch’s main screen.
  4. Observe the top status line to see the Watch reconnect and synchronize. It should end by showing Sync Successful and then :link: Connected, along with the Watch’s current :battery: percentage.

If I misinterpreted your question and you were asking about something else, then please let me know what you’re trying to accomplish.

That does seem silly, to say the least. I don’t have an answer for you, but I can understand the question and frustration.

Thanks. I’m aware that 2023 was “The Year of the Camera” and that Wyze is continuing that theme this year, and I’m pleased with the quality of the cameras, but I enjoy the other Wyze products that I use (Plugs, Bulb Colors, Scale S, etc.) and will continue to express my opinions about how those products can (should) be fixed and improved. :man_shrugging:

I’m glad the new Watch is workin’ out for you so far, and I hope this helps!

As always, Crease, you’ve been responsive and helpful. I believe I had tried all that (except for reset, which I now did), and got the same old results.

I followed your instructions, which corresponded to what I saw on my app - BUT - just as before I did all that, the options were the same: Under “Settings”, the list was Notification, Stretch Reminder, Activity Goal, Do Not Disturb, Raise to Wake, Wearing Wrist, and Running in the background. Below all that was a grey field that had the word, “Apps”. Below that was “Weather” and “Shortcuts” (of which I have none). There was no other option or function. I’ve rebooted the watch again, It showed percentage and “connected”, but there is no change or option as far a moving icons, etc.; just the weather and shortcuts.

This is what I see:

If I tap the Watch App Display (which I outlined in the previous image), then I get to this screen to reorder my apps:

Is that the thing you were trying to reorganize, or were you describing something else?

I don’t know which app (Android or iOS) you’re using, but I’d expect them to present similar interfaces. Are you current with your phone’s Wyze app and your Watch’s firmware?

Also, has your new Watch 47c replaced the old Watch 47 that was on your account previously? It’s been a few years since I switched Watches after a replacement, so I don’t remember if that process was automatic or if I had to delete the old Watch to add the new one.

I don’t know if the old Watch is still attached to your account and if that’s what might be causing the problem with seeing the Watch App Display item in the Watch’s menu.

Thanks as always, but after deleting and reinstalling the app, it’s the same (after three codes being sent). The “new” app is the sane. But now, it says I’ll have to go through some kind of verification process every ninety days.

[quote=“jcw764, post:1, topic:300059, full:true”]
Forgive me if this has been covered ad nauseum, but I’ve been away for a while (health, not the pen). My searches for a Wyze Watch 47 seem to be fruitless. My old WW47 needs charging every morning (more and more), and I’m willing to bite the bullet and pay up for a new one. Any help?
Thanks in advance,

  1. My phone is an iPhone.
  2. Yes, as soon as I first tried to install the new watch, I was forced to delete the old one (“one watch per account”).
  3. Your screen shot with the options to rearrange the icons is what I used to see on the old watch.
  4. The old watch, which is far away, shows only a QR pattern when the button is pressed.
  5. I guess there are more important issues in life, though it reminds me of the same kind of disconnect you experience when trying to help Wyze. Maybe the developers should be forced to wear/use each product or software for at least three months before releasing them.

Your additional information was helpful for my understanding of your experience, especially the screenshot. Thank you for including that.

I haven’t had to use an iPhone for several years and don’t currently have access to one, so I can’t replicate your experience, but my expectation would be that the user interface would be the same across platforms. That’s so weird that you don’t have the Watch App Display menu item.

Even though I wear a regular Watch 47, I confirmed on a phone connected to a Watch 47c that this item is present in the menu (still on an Android-based phone, though).

That was my recollection, but I haven’t been through the process recently.

Okay, so at least I understood your previous question correctly!

Yeah, it’s essentially back in setup mode because it’s no longer connected to your account.

Just to see if it would work, I created a face for my Watch that’s a QR code with my contact information (using the “Photos” option on the Clock Face selection screen). If I change my Watch to that face, it allows someone to scan my contact information (vCard) directly into their phone from my Watch. I also made a Watch face that’s all white (including the date and time) so that I can use it as a dim flashlight in a pinch.

This is part of Wyze’s effort to force everyone to use two-factor authentication. Since logging into the app is actually done externally through a browser, I expect the app login to persist past 90 days, but that’s yet to be seen, as Wyze is frequently making changes to things on the server side.

I’m just really stumped with this one, and I wish I could be more helpful. If you do manage to find a solution, I’d appreciate if you’d take the time to share it here so I can learn what’s missing.

2024-06-04T05:00:00Z thanks for all the energy you put into this. I would be happy with my old Wyze watch if it weren’t just the battery reaching it’s end of life. I don’t dare deleting the new one too and reinstalling it or I would try that. I did create, a chat with a log number and sent it in, but some websites just offer that to play with you and never respond. I can remain hopeful if anything good happens I’ll let you know. Thanks, Chris you’re a rare blessing.

One thing I learned here recently while reading other Forum posts is that logs generated by and submitted through the Wyze app don’t really get attention from Wyze engineers unless they’re attached to a Wyze Support ticket or otherwise brought to the engineers’ attention (via a Community volunteer or something). I don’t know if that’s the kind of log you mean—perhaps not, since you mentioned chat—but I want you to be aware that there’s a reason Wyze’s system sends you a follow-up e-mail with advice to open a Support ticket after you submit a log (if you ever do).

I’d appreciate that, because now I’m curious about the answer to your question since I wasn’t able to supply it.

That’s very kind of you to say, and it’s funny that you call me that because—although it has nothing to do with my username here—that was part of my dad’s name and something people have called me from time to time throughout my life.

I said Crease, but VR sucks. :crazy_face: