Wyze Watch 47C faces on Original Wyze Watch 47

Just factory reset, then set up Wyze Watch 47 as Wyze Watch 47 C. All “exclusive” faces will be available.

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Oh great! I hit factory reset and have a QR code, but don’t know what on the app to take me to a reset. The closest I came was to see a screen that says, “Find Watch”, but hitting “Start” only gives me “Connection failed”. Help!

Remove your watch from the device list in the app. Then add you watch again as a new watch , but just select Wyze Watch 47C when selecting in the add menu.

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Duh! Thanks! It seems so easy once you know the answer. Much appreciated!

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Can someone tell me the differences between the Wyze watch 47 and 47c?

I have a 47 but am wondering if it’s worth getting the 47c to replace it with.


As far as I know its just different outer color cosmetic. Same hardware.

We bought 4 of the 47C and sent them back,bad firmware, the 47c quit updating, lost clock’s face,the steps,sleep mode all failed so we sent them back and I went back k to my 47,only difference is the clock’s faces

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Colors and a few watch faces. Still all horrendous.

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