New Wyze Watch 47C Watch Faces

Will the new faces be available for the standard Wyze Watch 47 and if so when will they go live?


Hope so. The current faces leave a lot to be desired. How about a notification indicator on the face.


Lol yea right. We’ll be lucky if the regular 47 will see another update.


Please add new faces for all watches. Mine has been on a drawer since launch. Current selection is absolutely hideous.

Such an easy thing to do should have been addressed months ago.


As an option, you can create your own watch face:

Please add new faces for the watch 44 as well. This has been discussed at length elsewhere in the forums.

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I just removed my watch and set it up as a watch. And now the new faces are available on my old watch (not the new 47c, but the one I purchased 2 years ago).

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You know I’m just a fellow user like yourself, right? I do not work for Wyze, I just help out here. :slight_smile:

Sorry, didn’t mean that as a reply to you Newshound. I meant as a post on the main thread, asking Wyze to add them to watch 44.

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Yuo are correct, but I must clarify that when you add your watch back you must choose the 47c and after it connects then choose a new watch face and then it syncs all up properly with the new faces


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I’d like to have the new faces made available to the regular 47 watch, but there is a bigger point here!
Do you like me find it strange that there is no official response from the company? I wonder if anyone actually read these comments. Are we left to fend for ourselves here?
If people can easily install the new faces, that means it will be even easier for Wyze to do do so, but they don’t. Is this a sign that they do not continue supporting the products? I am yet to buy something more expensive and now I wonder if I should.


@WyzeGwendolyn can you or someone from Wyze please give a response to this simple inquiry by @GeorgeOrenco?

Appreciate that everyone is busy and maybe have bigger fish to fry, but these mysteries only breed negative sentiment among the user base, not to mention frustrating.



Hello, probably isn’t the solution you are looking for, but I have some face backgrounds for the watch that are free to install and use. If you want to check them out, click here.

Thanks for the options.
Still looking for options that incorporate various data… i.e. larger date font, steps on main face etc.


I have the 47c. I want to put a personalized watch face in the background. When I click on “Photo gallery”, I can only see one folder - and I can’t find this folder on the phone. It doesn’t allow me to navigate any anywhere else on my phone. Where do I upload the phone to find it with the app. Using a Pixel4a.

I use iOS, so bear with me if I use too many iOS terms.

The watch faces aren’t stored in the phone’s photo gallery, but you can select a picture to use from there.

You go to your 47 in the Wyze app, wait for it to connect, then go to Clock Face Edit, scroll to the bottom, choose your clock face layout, then click the ‘+’ button at the bottom to add a picture.

That should call up your camera’s gallery. Choose a picture and add it/edit it (sorry that gets ambiguous at this point; I have the perfect positioning on my picture, and I don’t want to actually execute those steps). :slight_smile:

Thank you for your quick response. I was able to do as ;you instructed. Perhaps the problem is with my phone. I can only see 1 photo in the photo gallery. There are numerous photos on the phone. I can’t move to any other folder to access those photos.

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I have tried all that I know to get the Wyze app to connect to my photo gallery. It doesn’t. It simply goes to an empty gallery page that at the top says all pictures. When I tap there a drop down comes up still no pictures. No other selection is offered.