Clock faces

Is there ever going to be some updated watch faces? I hate to say it but, the included ones look like they were designed by a 1st grade art class. If no updates are planned maybe you could open it up to 3rd party developers!


One thing you can do to get around the issue is to create your own using a photo of a favorite memory, person, or pet. This is one I created on my 47 showing a favorite vacation:


I agree - just got my 47 today. Even if they would port the 44 watch’s faces over to the 47, it would be better.

I’ve been using Xiaomi/Amazfit products and was spoiled by options of sideloading custom watch faces.

It is a shame that Wyze 47mm only supports limited number of not very informative watch faces.

I would highly recommend the Wyze watch PM to look up what the most popular watch faces for competing products are. I don’t want to link any specific sites, but one of the sites which is top results clearly shows more complex watch faces as favorites.

I’m most partial to this:

If Wyze PM could either have something like that added or have an option to open the watch to sideloaded faces, that’d be great!

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Came on here looking for any updates but doesn’t look like its gained any traction. Your link would be my number one to have. And fun ones like the Flux Capacitor would be nice as well.

Oh well…