Wyze Watch 47 and 47c Semi-Custom Faces

Hello Wyze community! I have made some semi-custom watch faces for the 47mm models. You can visit the site I made ( I will update it to be better later) to view and download them. Click Here. I would like to thank the people over in the Wyze Discord for their help.


Welcome to the forum @Revo

Glad you made it over and thanks for sharing!


Been looking for something like this, but clicking on the link nets a 404 error. Did you move them or …?

Looks like the OP is or has reorganized their collection:


Hello, as Seapup said, it has moved to Click Here after I started making face for Apple, and Fitbit. If you go to the Wyze Discord server, there are a whole bunch of faces I share there that don’t go on the site for a while :smiley: