Well I did give her aq POOR rating but look

Got a 47 watch … want to change the watch face to a custom one - emailed the TS guys and got told to re-read it again!!!

Well, to be fair she misread the initial email I sent and then her solution was to email a second time telling me to DO IT AGAIN … that’s not a fix or is it helpful, that’s a script kiddy response. IMHO

Is that the best they can offer for customer or tech support?

Here it is ……

Custom Watch Faces – Wyze

Oooh wow, STEP 2 follow the on screen instruction, What a fantastic suggestion, so when it doesn’t work and you ask for help you get told to basically re-read it again …… yea, I’m sure that‘ll fix it!!!

Does WYZE know how to write a how-to or a manual? …… I’ve made tons of them you go thru each single step and that’s called a step-by-step instruction, it’s trifle better than a useless 4 part “help” comment like the above.

AND YES, it is a pain because each and every phone will be slightly different so hire a summer student to sit there for a week and create a step-by-step for at least the brands out there – maybe not all the models.

So here it is: if you go in to photos on a Motorola cell phone and open a photo and then see a small plus symbol in a blue circle and click it - you get a new screen asking if you want to:

  • invite to album
  • Share link in other apps

Now what ? (grin)

Dave C

I made a custom face with my grandson on it, took only 2 minutes, quick,easy,fast…nothing hard about making it

@dcason , not sure if you finally got it, so here are some pictures of what I did using the Watch 47. Also note that you will need the watch with you connected to your device:

  1. Start the App and go to the watch and click the Edit Link on the Line which says Clock Face

  2. Scroll down the pre-defined faces or go to the Custom Faces which is the last line

  3. Select one of the Custom Faces to build your own. Select The Face Color (First Option), Display Layout (second Option), and then the Background. To add your Own Pictures, select the big + in a box, then select a photo from your Album or take a picture.

  4. As you are building your watch face in step 3, you will see the virtual watch fill in with what it will look like. Once you are satisfied, you click on the Add Button which will send it to the Watch

  5. You will get a progress bar at the bottom as it is writing to your watch. In addition, your watch will show a % as well

  6. When done, the designed Face will be at the top of the watch face page nter My Faces. Only 3 faces allowed their.

  7. When you back out to the main menu, you will also see the 3 (or what you have as your faces) Clock Faces first in the list. All you have to do is tap on one of them to set the watch face.

That is all there is to it.


OK, great !

Would you like to tell me how …… ?

I’ve read the directions as did you, but it didn’t work for me.



GIVE THAT MAN A BEER !!! Hey presto – simple clear step-by-step instructions and pics saves the day ! Who knew!?! (grin)


That’s Hunter, the mystery Heinze 57 dog we got from a rescue place 4 years ago ……

So, why …… well for one thing, I was NOT in the Wyze app ……

Well that’s stupid Dave why not?

Because in step 3 the way its formatted I read it as a separate instructions set 1-4

but if you read it from the top in the top step 1 it says “in the wyze app, tap on your

wyze watch” …… Ah AH !


I was going to Photos on my cell phone in the android OS not the Wyze app. (grin)

So I’m clearly an idiot ( that’s not news btw) but I wish they made a separate instruction

set for each option as opposed to dropping them all in one how-to. IMHO !

Massive Thankings again spamoni4 !!



Was my pleasure. Also - that is a cute pup and from a shelter, thats amazing. :slight_smile:

I like pictures in instructions so I can see what individuals are talking about. Also, you’re not an idiot… :slight_smile: We all have done things like this in the past. I could tell you stories. In any event, glad it worked out.

You have a safe New Years.