New Watch 47 Faces

Here’s something I found on the internet, so it has to be true. Right? :slight_smile:

“If you have the original $20 watch, you can get all the new faces by removing your watch as a device on your account, then add it back as a 47c. You will lose all of your biometric data and any custom watch faces that were saved to your watch. But it works.”

Does anyone know for sure it this works, or is anyone willing to try it?

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I’ll give it a go.

Can you provide the reference link please.

That’s all there was. No additional info.

Just tried it and it works. :+1:

Edit: If you restart your 47 after re-pairing as a 47c and selecting a 47c watch face, you lose the 47c face library, but your selected 47c face remains and works well. I wouldn’t recommend doing this as a future 47c firmware update may brick your 47.


I can also confirm. I have the original 47mm from the pre order. Removed and re-added as the 47c and have access to the new faces, and share the same concern as @seapup with future updates for those that heavily use their wyze watch.


Thanks for testing this. Sounds interesting, but I will wait until Wyze officially adds some more watch faces.


I posted that. Yes it works, I did it myself.

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Still works. I agree with the other though, don’t try it as it might get bricked. If you want to see some custom faces for the 47mm Wyze Watch, click here. There are also some in the Wyze Discord that arent released yet.