Wyze Watch 47c - cannot update firmware - did I receive the correct watch model?

I received my Wyze Watch 47c yesterday. I added the watch (using the 47c option) to my Wyze app and am able to receive notifications for texts and other programs, and update the watch face with the newer backgrounds.

In the app, I attempt to update the firmware and am told its up to date. The watch is reporting firmware as 0.12.37 which is from March 25, 2021. Is there a fix for this?

Has anyone else received their new watch yet? I hope I even received the correct product. The front box cover is the new cover however the sides and the back of the box are labeled as Wyze Watch 47. I ordered new Midnight black 47c and the box shows it is Dark Gray (so wrong color?). The instructions inside the box are for Wyze Watch 47 and not the 47c. There is a sticker over the old UPC on the back with what appears to be a new UPC.

Yes its crap we sent ours back there’s alot issue’s with the new model,I went back to watch 47

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I just checked my box and it says 47, not 47c. What’s the best way to start the return process? I was wondering why it didn’t seem to do things like I thought it should be… :frowning:

We love our 47 the 47C is the bad watch the firmware is bad,what you don’t like about the watch?hell for $30.00 my wife spent it was so cheap we like the steps,and sleep info

I received our two 47c according to the invoice on my account page, but the About Shows Wyze Watch 47, It shows a NEW update is available but fails to load it. This watch is at 0.12.43 and I show (July 7, 2021) as available, but it is not selectable. The watch sez “Everything’s good, you’re updated” ??

I went and looked at my box and it says that it is the 47, not the 47c, so I was sent the wrong one. I let Wyze know and they said I could return it, but I wouldn’t receive a refund of the shipping cost and they would not be sending me a 47c, only refunding the money. So I have to order a new one, and pay the shipping again, even though they shipped the wrong product to me. I asked them about it and they replied that there is no other option for them, that it is the only way that they can currently do it. If they have sent out so may of the 47’s in place of the 47c’s, then they had a real problem in their warehouse/shipping. I’m hoping that they fix the problem so that I don’t get sent another 47 instead of a 47c. If I do, I’m going to be posting about it all over the place.

Well if I was you keep it,the new model 47c has alot of issues we sent bac 21 model of the 47c back and ordered the 47 there Christmas presents

An update to my 47c Firmware Update Issue…
Still showing an update available but never installs it ?

We ordered 6 of the new watches for Christmas gifts,but we tryed a 1 out and it had alot of issues sleep,steps, heart monitoring and other issues so we sent all of them back,and went back to my watch 47 works just fine no issues

Happy with my old 47, bought the gray/black 47C for spouse.

Didn’t seem to have the new faces (or any box marking for 47C), apparently the firmware thing being discussed here.

This morning, her screen pic was gone, replaced with a girl in a thong and Sponge Bob for faces. Riddle me that, Batman. It did now have the new faces- Space etc.

Only clue was the old screen pic’s font color was the same, green. Thought it was hacked somehow.

I get the same… after the random face clock appears, my notifications quit working. Mine was a person holding the hands in a hart shape

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This is the screen shot of the picture

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Sounds like Wyze has an inside problem … the thong pic and that one could be worse.

Are we seeing other user’s pix? Scary, that.

Or some software person with a sense of humor?

Well join the crowd I had the same issues, no notifications, steps,steps, all wrong, I sent mine back and went back to my watch 47 it works just fine

So, I haven’t kept up with the differences between the 47 and 47C. The FAQ page states that it’s the same firmware, and I assumed that it’s the exact same watch with different color housings/straps. Is this not the case?

There’s new firmware coming out today is what Wyze told me for the watch 47C,nd the Android app I had issues with my 47C and sent it back and went back to my 47

I really appreciate everyone’s comments, I too returned my watches but like everyone else, Wyze would not credit me for the initial shipping. Its very disappointing since they either shipped the wrong product or are failing to support the product they shipped.

It sounds like its a larger problem that Wyze is refusing to acknowledge or not giving their Wyze Wizards enough information to help the customers. I spent a week working with the Wyze Wizards, and the final straw that broke this camels back was when they blamed my home router for the firmware issue (via bluetooth to the watch - go figure!). Wyze then closed my ticket, at which point I requested a full refund.

Below is my exchange with Wyze (with names and #s removed). You can see that at one point its stated that the watches I got were the 47, but then it would never get confirmed by future Wizards.

Initial email to Wyze:

In the Wyze app, I attempt to update the firmware and am told its up to date. The watch is reporting firmware as 0.12.37 which is from March 25, 2021. Is there a fix for this?

Note: See log ID number ######

I would also appreciate confirmation that I even received the correct product. The front box cover is the new cover however the sides and the back of the box are labeled as Wyze Watch 47. I ordered new Midnight black 47c and the box label shows it is Dark Gray. The instructions inside the box are for Wyze Watch 47 and not the 47c. There is a sticker over the old UPC on the back with what appears to be a new UPC of 810083470504.

Initial email from Wyze:

Thanks for reaching out. I’m XXXXX, your Wyze Wizard for today. I hope you are doing well! I understand that you are having an issue updating your watch firmware version.

As per checking, it shows here that the version showing is from the Wyze Watch 47mm . Could you please provide me with your order # so I can double-check from here?

I’ll be looking forward to your reply, thank you.

Kind Regards,

My response:

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

My order number is #######. Please let us know how we can send these watches back and receive the ones we actually ordered.

Attached are screenshots of both the order, and what the back of the box looks like indicating the wrong color watch.

Wyze responded:

My name is XXX from the Wyze Wizards team and I’ll be assisting you with your concern going forward.

I’m very sad to know that you’re having trouble with updating your Watch’s firmware. No worries, we’ll continue sorting this out.

I checked the order number you have provided and I can see that the order was for Wyze Watch 47c Midnight Black. If you would like us to check and confirm this further, you can share a photo of the exact watch that you received.

As for updating the firmware, I have here some steps I’d like you to try:

  • Ensure that the app is updated.
  • Ensure that the Watch is fully charged before updating.
  • Ensure you are connected to the 2.4 GHz network.
  • If you’re still prompted that the firmware is up to date, remove the Watch from the app and set it up as a new device.

We hope that helps. Don’t hesitate to reach back if you have any other questions or if the steps did not work out for you. We’ll be here to help you along the way.

Warm regards,

My response back again:

The steps you provided did not work.

I fully charged the watch, ensured my app was updated, connected my phone to 2.4 Ghz, and attempted the update. It failed. I deleted the watch from my Wyze app and added it again using ‘Add Device → Lifestyle → Wyze Watch 47c’ I received a message from the App stating that a firmware update is available and when I click to update, it says the firmware is already up to date (which is incorrect). Screenshots included.

To address the visual verification, there are 3 pictures included. One of the box indicating model 47 and ‘dark gray’ (not midnight black) and 2 of the watch itself so you can see the color. The instructions that are in the box are for the 47 and not the 47c watch. I also sent in a log file, ID number ###### when the firmware error was first noticed.

I then attempted to add the Watch as ‘Add Device → Lifestyle → Wyze Watch’ and I received an entirely different firmware update screen. The App was going to update the firmware if I clicked continue, which I did not do because we are trying to fix the 47c watch issue. NOTE: leaving my Wyze Watch as 47 in the app instead of 47c means I did not have access to the new watch face backgrounds that we are supposed to get with this model. I then removed the Wyze Watch, readded it as 47c and am still not able to update firmware.

Look forward to hearing back about the next steps.

Wyze wrote back:

I appreciate you for trying out the steps provided and I really apologize if you have to go through all of this. No worries, we’ll continue sorting this out together.

Please submit new logs after the steps you have done so we can look into this further. This will help us have a better understanding of what could be occurring.

I responded:

Log has been submitted. Log is ######.

Did we even receive the correct watches to be having all this trouble?

Wyze response that made me give up:

Good day! I hope this email finds you well. My name is XXXXXX, and I’ll be taking over this email. Let me start with an apology for the less-than-ideal experience you have had so far. You may try rebooting your router, then make sure to update the firmware near the router.

By the way, thank you for submitting a log! This greatly helps our engineering team as they work to better improve our products and the Wyze app.

My team here in support does not review your log or follow the progress. We’re working on developing a process so that we can track these logs on our end, but it’s still very much in progress. We hope to have the ability to receive more details from your log submissions sometime in the future.

  • This request will be closed because we don’t have anything further we can do at this point.
  • This request will not be re-opened later.
  • Please keep an eye out for firmware and app updates. If the problem persists, please continue to submit logs with the new app and firmware versions.

After all my troubleshooting, I think the problem is likely either within the Wyze app directly or on the Wyze backend servers not correctly identifying the Wyze 47c models to receive the proper firmware.

See my posted thread below.

I ordered another 47c since they sent a 47 to me previously. The one that I just received today is another 47. They have no clue what they are doing. I’ve decided that they have their heads up their backsides and I’ll probably never get what I was hoping would be a great watch. I had such high hopes.

Regarding my first order… They refuse to refund the entire amount, I have to pay the shipping. This is completely stupid, because THEY didn’t send the right product. I should not have to pay for something that is entirely their fault.

I figure they will make me pay for the second watch’s shipping as well, but I’m probably going to go to my credit card company and put in a request for the full amount for both of the watches if they make me pay shipping on this one, too.

Word to those of you thinking of buying from Wyze… Be careful. They are not the great company that I thought they were. Perhaps they should change their name from Wyze to Sly.

Back to the Watch 47 c firmware updates, not working. I show the watch in the devices, but under the Account tab, then select “Firmware Update” the watch is not there??