Wyze Watch 47 Delivery Time

I haven’t purchased it yet, but i was wondering when typiclly the Wyze Watch 47mm arrive?

It is apparently back in stock, so I wouldn’t expect any unusual delay:


I ordered mine on 5/4 and it’s being delivered today 5/10. I’m in south Alabama.


I ordered 5/4, they took payment and created a shipping label quickly, yet it still hasn’t been shipped. The tracking number shows that it hasn’t been handed over to USPS for nearly a week.

UPDATE: Even more exciting is that I ordered an extra band and that shipped Fedex. So I’ll have a wonderful band for a watch that hasn’t shipped for a week and will take another 4-10 days to get here once they finally hand the box over to the post office. I’m so glad they charged me for shipping twice for two items that go together.

SECOND UPDATE: It appears as though USPS was the problem and not Wyze. After a week of no tracking updates USPS finally shows movement from early last week. So it wasn’t Wyze being slow on shipping, it was USPS. I should have known.

That can be frustrating. Just hope it doesn’t start going back and forth in the Seattle area, One of my packages went back and forth in the Seattle area for days after USPS finally got it.

i ordered the same time…on 05/04/2021…same exact situation…still haven’t received it yet. I create a support ticket for them to check on it. I did get they said someone will get back with me 3 weeks ago. I request status every week but as you can see today is 06/03/2021 i am still waiting for status, I want to cancel the order but I can’t because no option to do so., Wyze basically robbed me of $27. There is something criminal here by the action I am experiencing I just don’t know how to proceed about it.

Do you have your support ticket number?

Wyze Ticket 1232229

Thanks for trying. Still no contact from Wyze support.

Just little over amonth maybe I will finally get my watch. I went on Twitter 2 days ago and private message their account and actually got to somone because i got a reply withing 30 min and got new order created. Today i confirmed USPS got the package and will be delivered by Monday. It took me a month on my own accord to follow up on this because WYZE support didn’t do anything and never reponse to me. I am not sure it is the correct route but if you can’t get to anyone you might want to try it.