Wyze Watch Updates?

Does anyone know when we will be getting updates on the Wyze smart watch? I pre-ordered this thing in December of 2020 and haven’t heard a word since. My watch was supposed to ship in February or March I believe, and we’re almost to April with absolutely no communication on this? What gives?

I also ordered the watch in December, then pinged the Wyze CS a week ago asking what’s up–and voila! --just got my watch yesterday. So be patient; they’re shipping.

Nice. Did your order on your account ever say it shipped? Maybe it has but it just didn’t update in my order status.

You have to give them a good email address and then read the emails. I’ve gotten emails on shipping schedules nearly every week since I ordered my watch. Latest email says it will be delivered tomorrow! :grinning:

The order’s status was Shipped, but the USPS tracking number indicated the package had not yet reached the PO–that’s when I asked Wyze CS about the discrepancy, received a quick reply and then the watch was shipped the next day… According to the maxim “Squeaky wheel gets the grease”… :wink:

5% of preorders have shipped.

Select Wyze Watch 47 orders
These have started shipping and will continue to be sent out by 3/22.

Other Wyze Watch orders are planned to start shipping in early April. We’ll have more specific updates for your order once we’re a little closer.

Notes for Wyze Watch

In case you missed the news last week, a small selection of launch day preorders for the Wyze Watch 47 are being fulfilled early. Please keep an eye out for a possible shipping confirmation from us very soon! :raised_hands:

If you preordered Wyze Watch 44, don’t worry - we didn’t forget about you! We’re still on track to start shipping the rest of the Wyze Watches in early April. :alarm_clock:

Mine showed up on the March 26th without notice. Pleasant surprise. Does anyone know if this can track swimming? It is waterproof and holds up during swim fine, but I can’t tell if there is a way to track distance and time with thee watch, but app, and Google fit or other means.

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The specs say ‘up to 30 mins and to 2m water depth’, so I would not consider it a swimmers watch; it’s just accidental immersion etc. Besides, it does not have a GPS chip, but relies on the phone, and if you are a long-distance open-water stroker, the phone’s BT will be out of range. You probably need a dedicated water sports watch with its own GPS chip to get the functionality you want.

Are there any new updates on ordering/shipping the watches? I won’t let me order 1 since it says"out of stock, notify me when available".
I’d really like a 44.
I preordered bands and they just shipped, I hope bands fit in both size watches?

I know the preorders are still going out. No news on when they’ll be back in stock. People seem offput by the screen size on the 44. If you haven’t seen it yet I’d check out this thread.