Preorder Shipping Update #14 Week of 3/10/2021

Preorder Shipment Update #14

Week of 3/10/2021!

It’s a beautiful Wednesday here in Seattle, hope you’re having a great day today! I’m back with Yet Another Preorder Shipment Update for you, of course.

Ready to hear what’s new on our end with the item(s) you preordered?

First, some weekly reminders.

  • Since you’ve placed your preorders a while ago, it’s important that we have your current address. If you think we have outdated shipping info for your order, please contact our support team ASAP!

  • The dates that you see in these emails are estimates for when your devices will ship . After shipping, our partners will work on getting your package to you. Please give about 4-14 business days for your new device(s) to complete their journey!

  • Not in the contiguous US? If you’re in Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico, it could take up to 2-4 weeks to get your package to you. :rowing_man:

  • Wanna hang out with other Wyze fans? Our communities are a great place to see what’s possible with your Wyze gear (or if you want to stare longingly at photos of products you haven’t received yet). We love new faces, so feel free to join us!

Alright, let’s go! :point_down:

Quick summary.

What’s changed from last week? Check out the updates:

Wyze Watch

  • Orders used to start shipping in early April.
    :point_right: A select few Wyze Watch 47 orders will be shipping early - by 3/22. The rest will start shipping by early April as planned.

Wyze Video Doorbell

92% of preorders have been shipped.

Orders from November 1st - December 7th
Should ship by 3/19.

Notes for Wyze Video Doorbell

We’re still hard at work finishing up the last few Wyze Video Doorbell preorders - almost done! Thanks for your patience, and we’re glad to see that everyone is enjoying them so far. :sparkling_heart:

Wyze Watch

These haven’t started shipping yet.

Select Wyze Watch 47 orders from December 1st
Should ship by 3/22.

Other Wyze Watch orders are set to start shipping in early April. I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

We appreciate your patience!

Notes for Wyze Watch

I know a lot of you were waiting for some news on the Wyze Watch front, so here goes! A small selection of launch day preorders for the Wyze Watch 47 are going to be fulfilled early. If you ordered on November 1st, you should keep an eye out for a possible shipping confirmation from us. :relieved:

The rest of our inventory shouldn’t be too far behind. We’re still planning to start shipping the rest of the Wyze Watches out in early April.

Wyze Home Monitoring Hardware

These haven’t started shipping yet.

The new generation of Wyze Sense is estimated to start shipping in Apri l. I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

This includes Core Starter Kits as well as additional Entry Sensors, Motion Sensors, and Keypads.

Ordered Wyze Cams with your Wyze Home Monitoring equipment? They’ll ship separately as soon as they’re in stock.

Notes for Wyze Home Monitoring Hardware

We’re hard at work on these bundles! Some of the included devices are undergoing manufacturing as we speak, and we’re currently working towards finalizing the initial firmware for the contact sensors so we can begin production of those as well.

We’re still estimating that we’ll be able to start shipping these orders out sometime in April. Please be on the lookout for more updates in these emails as I get more information!

Wyze Handheld Vacuum

These haven’t started shipping yet.

Orders from January 19th
Should start shipping in March.

Orders from January 22nd - Present
Should start shipping in April.

I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

Notes for Wyze Handheld Vacuum

After a bit of a delay getting through the waters, we’re finally starting to receive initial inventory of the finalized Wyze Handheld Vacuum in our warehouses! It’ll take us a little while to have these ready for shipping, but you can look forward to timelines from me very soon.

Oh, by the way… We’ve still got a little unallocated inventory left! If you’re looking for a cleaning companion for those hard-to-reach areas, place your order for our April shipment before we run out again!

Wyze Bulb Color (4-Pack)

These haven’t started shipping yet.

Orders from February 16th - February 17th
Should start shipping in March.

Orders from February 18th - Present
Should start shipping in April.

I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

Notes for Wyze Bulb Color

Wyze Bulb Color’s required app update has landed! We’ve got some teeny logistical things that we’re finalizing that will take a few extra days - but we’re planning to start shipping these ASAP.

Shouldn’t be too much longer before you can make your room a bright shade of blue or red to distract people walking by. :person_tipping_hand:
Thanks for reading through another round of updates!

As a heads up, the Wednesday update next week will likely come from another Wyze employee. I’m planning some self-care that might include cucumbers on my eyes and 1pm naps for a week.

Catch you folks when I’m back from PTO!

– Jimmy from Wyze


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I’m pretty sure the initial date that people were able to pre-order the Wyze Watch was December 1st. So the list of people who ordered on November 1st that will be getting their 47mm watch shipping early as per the shipping update email, will probably be a list of zero people. :rofl: I’m guessing they mixed up their dates by mistake, Or was there was a secret pre-order for the watch a month earlier? I know I placed my order as soon as humanly possible, which was 12/1.

Shouldn’t this say December 1st? I ordered on launch day which was 12/1


I also ordered 12/1 but I doubt I’ll be one of the select few since I ordered both a 47 and 44 model of the watch. I thought I could wait until the preorders came out but I’ll probably pick up a Mi Band to hold me over. I don’t want to be stuck potentially waiting an even longer time for what may understandably be a flawed first model. I have such high expectations of Wyze but such is the preorder life. Lol

Yes, you are correct. The launch date for preorders started on 12/01/20. Jimmy has corrected the release date with an updated email.


And I’ve corrected it in the above copy.


Not sure where this falls under but what is the average shipping timeline for Wyze Cam v3? I ordered on 2/22

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I’m wondering the same. When are v3 cams shipping?

So I gotta ask… what is going on with Wyze Watch shipping!!! I got an email on 12 March/4am, stating…
“Your Wyze order XXXXXX has shipped!” Ever since, tracking shows only: “Tracking number created
March 11, 09:23PM Seattle, WA”

Today is 16 March, and it still says the same thing! Look, Those of us who “pre-ordered” have been pushed back TWICE! First, we were supposed to receive our paid for items in January 21… then it got pushed to March 21… and now we’re being told “it’s shipped”, when obviously it hasn’t. What is the deal with Wyze!!! Are you too busy trying to push more new products out, that you can’t make time to get products to customers who have already paid for them?? NOT ONCE, have I every ordered an item from Wyze, without some kind of delay AFTER being told my items have shipped. I’d really like to use products that I have already purchased and paid for… but Wyze just keeps frustrating me in one way or another! GRRRRR!

calm down, calm down…seems everything I order processes like this. They print a label but it doesn’t usually ship the same day. I got the same shipping email yesterday, it’s a pre-shipment notification.

Screenshot 2021-03-16 12.46.07 PM

I ordered on launch day & the email said Feb not Jan. The only reason it was pushed is because they found a issue with the frame, you want them to ship out defective units so more people can whine?

Thank you for your pre-order!

Thank you for your pre-order! Your Wyze Watch will ship in February and we will provide updates as soon as we know more.

Foxtrot Oscar Yankee alpha whiskey!

I also got a “product shipped” email the same day (3/15). Has your status changed yet? Mine still says “pre shipment” as of today. Wondering when the watch which actually ship.

mine was delivered on the 17th, Pre order shipped? - #13 by Ken.S

My tracking shows the label was printed on the 16th. Today the 24th, there is still no movement. All it says is tracking number created. Also, it says in the email, delivery in 4-10 business days, Today is the 7th business day, So I guess I have until the 29th to get here. But only 3 business days left.

lol same here, shows it in “Shipped” status since last week. No tracking number. and still not here

I don’t know about everyone else, but I received my watch on Friday, 19 March, and the 02 sensor on the one I received does not work… well more accurately, when I attempt to get my blood 02 reading, the watch takes anywhere from 15-45 seconds, and then 2 out of 3 times it says… “wear watch and try again” of something like that. When it does provide a reading, it is horribly inaccurate! Off by as much as 11 percentage points!
How do I know? Because I have health issues that cause low 02, and a blood 02 device that is calibrated at my Docs office monthly (see pic)… and have it on my finger reading at the same time as the watch.
I sent in a support request last Saturday… no response to date. I’ve called and waited on hold for as long as 30 mins, and then been disconnected. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE/SUPPORT!

I just got mine today. Well, I got 1. I ordered 4. Not really liking this long wait but I do like the watch. I have a Samsung one but afraid to break it :joy:. This one I don’t care. Sweet… Time to wear while working :hammer_and_pick: :joy: :joy: :joy:
There are no frills but it is definitely worth $20 bucks. for sure.