Pre-order Shipping Update 2/10/21


Preorder Shipment Update #10

Week of 2/10/2021!

Hey, friends!

It’s a very special day today. This is the 10th Preorder Shipment Update! It’s been a very eventful 2.5 months - here’s to many more. :clinking_glasses:

By the way, feel free to join our communities if you want to hang out with Wyze Employees and other members of our Wyze family! We love seeing new faces and what our users are using our products for. And everyone collectively sighing at my dad jokes. :sparkling_heart:

Here’s what I have this week for updates on the manufacturing and shipping of those preordered items that you’ve been waiting for…

First, some weekly reminders.

  • Since you’ve placed your preorders a while ago, it’s important that we have your current address. If you think we have outdated shipping info for your order, please contact our support team ASAP!

  • The dates that you see in these emails are estimates for when your devices will ship . After shipping, our partners will work on getting your package to you. Please give about 4-14 business days for your new device(s) to complete their journey!

  • Not in the Contiguous US? If you’re in Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico, it could take up to 2-4 weeks to get your package to you. :rowing_man:

Alright, let’s go! :point_down:

Quick summary.

This is actually a pretty light week for updates! Our estimates from last week were spot on, so things are business as usual. If you missed last week’s email, please read on!

Wyze Sprinkler Controller

  • Has been removed, as all preorders finished shipping two weeks ago!

Wyze Thermostat

Wyze Video Doorbell

  • Orders after October 11th used to say shipping was TBA.
    :point_right: These orders will start to ship in March.

Wyze Video Doorbell


22% of preorders have been shipped.

Orders from September 22nd - September 23rd
Should ship by 2/20.

Orders from September 24th - October 11th
Should ship by 3/6.

Orders after October 11th
Should start shipping in March.

Notes for Wyze Video Doorbell

We’re still shipping out our Wyze Video Doorbells with the same schedule as last week. Super glad to see folks are enjoying them so far!

Wyze Watch


These haven’t started shipping yet.

Wyze Watches are set to start shipping in early April. I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

We appreciate your patience!

Notes for Wyze Watch

We’re working on manufacturing Wyze Watches as we speak! The plan is for these to start shipping by early April. I’ll keep a watch-ful eye for any updates from our teams to share with you in future emails! :person_tipping_hand:

Wyze Home Monitoring Hardware


These haven’t started shipping yet.

The new generation of Wyze Sense is estimated to start shipping in Apri l. I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

This includes Core Starter Kits as well as additional Entry Sensors, Motion Sensors, and Keypads.

Ordered Wyze Cams with your Wyze Home Monitoring equipment? They’ll ship separately as soon as they’re in stock.

Notes for Wyze Home Monitoring Hardware

We’re experiencing some production delays for the new generation of Wyze Sense, but manufacturing is currently underway. We’re currently estimating to begin shipping these orders out sometime in April. Please be on the lookout for more updates in these emails as I get more information!

Wyze Plug Outdoor


90% of preorders have been shipped.

Orders from January 27th - February 1st
Should ship by 2/12.

Notes for Wyze Plug Outdoor

We’re still powering through our remaining Wyze Plug Outdoor orders! :electric_plug:

The remaining preorders should make their way out of our warehouses by the end of this week.

Wyze Handheld Vacuum


These haven’t started shipping yet.

Our newest Wyze product has been a big hit! These are expected to start shipping in March. I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

Notes for Wyze Handheld Vacuum

Wyze Handheld Vacuum isn’t starting to ship until next month, but we do still have some stock left of our preorders! It’s not too late to place your order before we run out again if you’ve been eyeing one!

Thanks for reading through another round of updates. I’ll catch you next week!

– Jimmy from Wyze


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