Please stop new product development!

Please stop jamming out new products until you have the software/firmware worked out on prior devices. When you look through current products you see a lot of “Coming Soon” next to features that were promised at launch or shortly after. People who bought the Wyze Band are still waiting on integration with more fitness apps and Google Assistant, the Wyze Watch integration with Google Fit is completely worthless unless you want to run the Wyze Beta app and so on. I would like to see the Wyze V3 use the same detection zone settings as the Pan Cam and V2 but instead of custom zones it’s full screen like the old days. Where is pet detection and why are squirrels tagged as packages in my driveway? Vehicle detection only works if all other motion is turned on.

Please work on polishing the software/firmware of your current devices. It’s frustrating to see devices bought years ago that are still waiting for features talked about at launch.

If you can’t make a promised features work then tell people and remove it from the products listing. Wyze is blaming lack of integration with Samsung Health on Samsung but I doubt it’s as clear cut as that but easier than admitting Wyze just can’t make it work. It would be nice to one day rely on my Wyze products instead of using them in conjunction with Samsung watches and Arlo cameras, dependability means a lot to me as a customer over how many different products you have to offer.



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Can’t wait for the Wyze Heart Pacemaker, Wyze Electric Baby Blanket, and Wyze Colonoscopy Scope.

You know they’ll work just as well as all the other fine Wyze products.


Wyze “development” consists of going to Alibaba and clicking on random “consumer electronics” ads then contacting the factory about logo placement


That very well may be the case but someone is pushing out firmware at different times, just poorly. If that is the case Alibaba has better watches for $20, Wyze shot too low! Why doesn’t the V3 cameras offer at least the same features as the V2 and Pan Cam in regards to custom detection zones? It’s ridiculous to release a nicer product with lesser features. I didn’t trade my S9+ for an S21+ and think I bet the new phone won’t be better? Of course not!

I may be jaded, I bought the watch and expected problems but when Google Fit didn’t work as they said it would that was the final straw. I’d already been using Arlo cameras at my home before Wyze and I didn’t buy Wyze as security products but for watching pets and wildlife. The watch was sold as a fitness tracker with integration to Google Fit out of box, which hasn’t been the case.

I did receive an initial response from Wyze with the sage advice to log into and out of the Wyze app, restart the watch and my phone, and maybe force stop the Wyze app. When my original email to them stated I’d already tried this I wished they’d offer different advice. Not everyone is a tech novice.

I agree I am sad Wyze lost their way or went the wrong way. I used to love their cameras but sadly I too had to move on. I always on the look out for the new Wyze.

It’s in beta version, should be out soon if not already. Agreed, much better approach.

It does not on the current Android beta version, I had it installed yesterday. I don’t mess with beta firmware on the cameras, mine are mounted in ways that it’s a pain to access the SD card to flash it on there.

It’s all well and good that it’s “coming soon” but custom zones should have been available at launch. I have zero interest in any new Wyze products until they fix some of the prior ones.

Custom zones was available for a brief period but it was causing issues so they rolled it back. I flashed the beta firmware on my 4 v3’s and it works great. I would just flash it honestly.

Sometimes you can become victimized by your own success and forget how you got where you are. That seems to be the definition of Wyze.


Great! We have a new Wyze Lamp but current products still don’t work correctly. My Wyze Watch sporadically does the “features” it should. Like Google Fit integration and stretch alerts.

Good luck to those early backers of the Bluetooth Wyze Lamp. Hopefully you’ll have a backup on hand when it starts failing you.

thats a pretty bad example… upgrading phones regularly offer new aspects, and compromises or reductions in others.

validation bias also comes into play when things compromised or eliminated are things you dont care about, while you focus on the new shiney and exciting… but it happens with big and obvious things as well.

google, samsung, apple, etc. all regularly change features and abilities, especially as they change hardware, sensors, etc. some are reimplemented in the future, some are not.

could well be the case here, there could be something in the new hardware creating a hurdle not there with the previous hardware… sure they could delay it and have programmers devoted to bug fixes, further development, refinement, rinse and repeat… but then you would be complaining about why the v3 is so much more than the v2, thats not what wyze is about, these features arent important enough to justify this new high price, blah blah

The fact that they continually update, enhance ,and increase functionality at the price point they are in is pretty damn impressive for rebranded chinese products… something you dont see from nearly any other company. you could buy the same white box hardware from multiple sellers… the software will be different, some better some worse… features will be different, some better, some worse… nearly none will offer continual software and firmware updates both for the device and app. even fewer will do that and add options, functionality, etc.

They have to keep releasing new products to pay for the software/firmware development of all the products. The thin margins they have doesnt go far to pay for the programmers, engineers, etc.

pretty counterproductive to both say, dont come out with any new products… and hurry up and increase functionality of old products… . yup those features were “promised”… Theres a reason they arent there yet. if it was easy, basic, or no hurdles in place, it would have been done. Think they want to pay people to work on an open ended issue thats basic and easy? not really how it works. but your XXX product by XXX company does blah blah… yeah, different product, different company, different situation, but you want same results?

So your argument is a company should crank out as many products as they can, not caring at all about upkeep and enhancing their older products? That’s ridiculous! I buy a new phone for new features but I also keep a phone for 3 years or more and it continues to receive new updates and features, features that actually work.

I don’t think the V3 is “too expensive” you’re talking to someone who uses Arlo for Home security. For the $25-30 I spent I would like the Wyze product to function at the level advertised and I just haven’t been seeing that with their recent products. So shoot me for expecting a product to work, no matter what I pay for it. I wouldn’t keep buying Samsung phones for $1000 if they didn’t work, why buy a $20-30 camera or watch and get the same? Then a cold shoulder from their IT and support people? They need to not only work on their software but also their customer relations.

Wyze finally admitted the Wyze Watch doesn’t work right and have offered a full refund. They also have no idea when it will function correctly.

Is that what i said? then no. thats not my argument.

I hate these exaggerated over generalization based arguments. does anything in your life work that way? its either one ridiculous extreme or the other? obviously not, stop being dense.

Doesnt look like youre getting a cold shoulder from their support people… you have to reasonable right or expectation to hear from or speak to their IT (?) department, engineering, etc. you have a reasonable right and expectation to speak with customer service.

You keep your phone for 3 years and continue to receive updates… those updates fix problems right? i shouldnt have to add, but with you, obviously i have to… no, not only to fix issue, but that is one of the purposes of the updates from samsung, google, the various app developers, etc. somethings work, and later updates cause issues to be corrected by further future updates… somethings dont work correctly from the start, which is often corrected in future updates… Then a very common issue with integration with another app or service, nothing changes on your devices side, but something changes with the app or service it is integrating with… when another company, or multiple other companies are involved, the update to fix it is obviously dependant on others, not just your device or google. unfortunately sometimes those kinds of issues can never be “fixed”. sometimes those issues take much longer than your device maker and google would anticipate. theres truly only so much that can be done or known, because again, others are involved and mind reading, mind manipulation isnt a real thing. you have been in at least a couple situations in your life where other people are also involved. so it should be a concept you can wrap your head around.

your new reply:

more exaggeration… the wyze watch doesnt work right… a feature, an integration isnt syncing. hardly the watch not working right. But you are obviously an overly emotional person so these kinds of things are your norm.

They offered you a refund… awesome, that should take care of the core issue. your $25 product doesnt work the way you expected… luckily there are other solutions for you.

Its not possible for them to know when “it will function correctly” they would be able to tell the future at that point, and predicting when integration with google fit is fixed would be a ridiculous waste of that super power. They can work on their side, but may be dependent on google as well; further complicating the issue. maybe not… no matter what, they cant predict the future. if they did give an expected date, and was wrong, im sure you would be totally understanding and appreciative… its a no win

They are working on a fix. Completely reasonable. It would be a reasonable response from any company… Theres an issue, their appropriate team is working on it. done.