New Router recommendations for fiber

Just got fiber installed (to house). I’m looking at upgrading our router which is the modem/router that came from ATT.

I noticed that some new routers do auto channel selections which I’m guessing will mess up my wyze equipment since it doesn’t work on 5g hz channels

What would be a good budget router which won’t cause problems for my wyze equipment. Don’t really need mesh. Our place is small enough I get good connectivity, but do notice some slow down since we’ve add a lot of devices…wyze…apple tv etc

Most “budget” consumer routers will not be able to support the bandwidth on the WAN port that you will be expecting with fiber internet.

Wyze devices connect using the SSID and not “channels.” If you set up the same SSID on the 2.4ghz wifi, they should work just fine.

I’m surprised you’re having issues with AT&T fiber. I got their “300” plan and whatever router they set up, and I haven’t seen any problems with +30 devices (10 cameras, 8 bulbs, 4 plugs, two tablets, two phones, 3 Chromecast, Google Hub, Google Mini, Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video…

That router is dual band and easily connected all my Wyze products.

I live in the boonies and have Internet over basically like a satellite dish and I am running a Netgear Orbi router system and I currently have 33 devices running with no issues. So I would think with your AT&T fiber you should be in excellent condition

With Google Wifi you can peice meal the system since they came out with V2. So you wouldn’t have to get into the mesh part of it. Just get the router part. It works well with Wyze.

from what I read about ‘mesh’ networks from a single SSID they automatically select which channel is best. I’m worried that 5ghz will get selected and break wyze connections. RN, I put a ‘-5’ on the SSID with 5ghz and don’t select it for my wyze connections.

I’ve not messed with the 5 GHz band at all and I’ve had zero issues with Wyze connections. I only had an issue with my smart garage door that was it

I have the same plan. The tech recommended I upgrade my router to get the most from the fiber. My wifi connection ‘seems’ faster, but my wife still complains. My wired computers have noticeably faster connections.

not really ‘budget’ , I was looking at something like the Linksys WRT AC3200.

I like the idea of being able to mod it, but if there is something better I’m just looking at options

Hmm… To me, that’s a red flag.

I don’t know what router you got with the install, but with the AT&T Smart Home Manager app you can test your signal speed, see what devices have weak signal, and even map your signal as you walk throughout the house.

You may think your house is small, but depending on where the router is located, and knowing that 5GHz signal isn’t as “strong” (cannot travel as far) as 2.4GHz, devices you have connected that use that 5GHz might still benefit from an extender. Buying a new router might just not be the answer.

As for wives complaining… yeah, preaching to the choir.

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when we upgraded to fiber, they didn’t change the modem/router. The modem/router is centrally located and up high.

The tech was saying I should get a non-ATT router for better thru put. He didn’t recommend anything specific just said I should look at some of the ‘mesh’ routers.

Wow… That’s curious. They installed an entirely new router in my set up - it’s not AT&T router either.

Personally, I’d be calling AT&T and demand they replace it. But you do you.

I have fibre also which provides incredible speeds down and up, my isp provided all the hardware and it has been seemless for all connections…

Gigabit verizon here.

They rolled out SON (Self Optimized Network) just before xmas, which is what I believe your tech is alluding to.
It is converting the 2.4 & 5 ghz “channels” (SSIDs really, channels is another animal) into a single SSID & adopting single password access.

here I can turn it off.
Which is a good thing, since I already configured the network that way.
When they rolled it out, supposedly off by default, it wasnt & mucked up everything.

Now while figuring this all out, a tech I called to bounce the ONT (fiber to lan/coax interface) from their end, suggested in the course of troubleshooting, & looking at signal strengths to the 60+ devices I am running suggested upgrading to their new gigabit router w IP6, or adding a paired range extender to the existing router (I bought my router instead of renting from them, pays for itself in 18 months).

I figured if the new extender (and WAP addition, both literally just added 48 hours before) didnt do the job, I would consider this alternate route.

Seriously considering it, but in the meanwhile adding 2 extenders (Technically, 1 is a WAP (wireless access point) has resolved any connection issues.

Nearly all extenders are half duplex.
Just keep in mind if you do go the extender route, you lose 1/2 the thru-put on devices connected via extenders.

I have an Eero mesh system at home which I love, but it’s not exactly budget-friendly and seems more than what you need. I have a Netgear Nighthawk R7000P router at my office, which is plugged into an AT&T combo modem/router (and set to IP Passthrough mode), and it’s rock-solid with great reception everywhere in the building. It has both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz bands and you can choose auto-select on the band (using the same SSID) or designate two separate SSID names (e.g. “MyWifi-2.4” and “MyWifi-5.0”).

I have the 2.4 band set to “auto channel” but can select a specific channel if I want. I have the 5.0 set to a specific channel due to crowding here at the building and to avoid connectivity problems with our Amazon Fire TV stick.

Price was not bad at Best Buy; I’ve seen them on eBay and FB for less. I highly recommend this unit, and it’s easy to set up and manage.

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I have a Mesh system that is both 2.4 and 5G. I can manually default to 2.4 for 30 minute increments to allow most Smart home devices to connect. It has worked well with locks, vacuum, plugs and cameras so far.