Ideas and suggestions for new Wyze sensors

I got my new sensors today and have already started using them. Motion sensor is on my stairwell that leads up to my mancave. When someone comes up, it alerts me. Some ideas I see here.

  • This is great for deaf people like me. But notifications only show up on the Wyze app. That seems a huge fail for sensors.
  • Recommend notifications be open to any email that is not necessarily a registered user. i.e. so I get an alert to my phone. Which will also vibrate my watch.
  • Use of IFTT or integration to alexa notification system. I would like my wifi bulb to kick on and off when someone gas crossed my sensor on the stairs.
  • this type of notification should apply to the contacts. If someone comes into my house and sets the door sensor off, I also want to get an email alert that I could use my att so I get an sms msg. This helps those of us with handicaps. People with handicaps live and breathe by text msgs and alert systems like these.

You guys are off to a great start and I hope to by more of these sensors to put all over my home. What else are others doing and requesting these new sensors for?

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Hello @julianowens, can you please make individual wishlist request so they can be placed in the appropriate area?

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This might helpfull

here’s an idea for the wyze sensors.
how about an on/off switch in the app for each sensor like you have for the cameras