Please add vibration sensors to your product list

I’d really like some small vibration sensors to add to my Wyze Sense kit. Some thing I could place in different places and get a notification if they are disturbed with an option to disable alerts on certain days/hours. These would be so handy to alert to different situations. If it past a certain time and my car gets a vibration disturbance, my camera can record and I can get an alert. If my mail box gets disturbed I can get an alert and video recorded. If my cat jumps on my sofa or dining table in the middle of the night I can get an alert. If my dog goes out the dog door past a certain hour, I can get an alert. If my gate is disturbed I can get an alert. I’d buy a million of these if Wyze could make them compact with a good battery life.

I could definitely use these on my windows.

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I also have a need for vibration sensors, but they have to have sensitivity adjustment, either via software or hardware pot.

Vibration sensors would be a great idea. I would use them to tell when the washer and dryer was done. My units don’t have knobs so I can’t use a door sensor like other have.

In the mean time it seems like the contact sensor would work for the dog door, mailbox, and gate with some weatherproofing.