High decibel siren

Are there any plans to develop a high-decibel siren (110 or higher) that can be activated via iphone?

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There’s a #wishlist item for it here:

I’m not sure on the timeline or anything else, I just know that it’s on the radar.

Not sure what the db level will be for the Wyze Chime (not in the spec list). It does have an intruder alarm though.

Some users including myself have bought a high decibel siren and connected it to a wyze plug.

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I’m taking about a new and separate devise that can be activated via Wyze app, i.e. if I see some suspicious activity, I can decide to activate the device and scare the ^&^%$ out of somebody and make them think twice about things. Currently, other provides (like SimpliSafe) only allow activation of this type of devise if set to ON and there is a rule. I want the ability to remotely set this thing off whenever I want.

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OK seemed like a simple software issue but…