Doorbell - siren option

Can you please add a siren button for the Wyzedoorbell, just like the v3 cam and the outdoor cam have.,

mod edit added clarity in title

Would like the doorbell to double as a siren.
I know it’s probably not as loud as the v3 siren, but it would still help to deter/expel intruders.
That way I can add it to my Siren shortcut to trigger all sirens all over my property.

Wyze Video Doorbell Pro Siren

can you please add a siren to the doorbell cameras? we had an incident were someone approached our door. we went to the app to set off the alarm to frighten them but noticed there was no siren at all. we set off the siren on the sideyard which isnt close to the front door and that helped and got their attention and they left, but we much rather have the front siren camera go off instead. please add a siren!