More options for Bulb Color

The Wyze Bulb Color App could use some help!
The hardware is nice, but the app is far from it.

When choosing the temperature please add an option to type in the value you would like, e.i. 2700K, etc. Also RGB or CMYK scale for exact colors.
It would be nice as well if there were preset values to major colors (editable of course) next to the “wheel”.
There should be color changing scenes as well, fading from one color to the next or pulsing chosen colors.

Also please allow rules and schedule to set the color of the bulb, not just the temperature.
I still haven’t found a way to turn my bulb to blue every other week when recycling is picked up, or turn my front door bulb on at dusk and off at sunrise.

Also another thing you could add is a timer function, can be used in many ways. Turn all lights to lavender for one hour and then turn off or revert back to “stock” color.

It would also be nice to have my front door bulb flash a color when a person is detected (but then go back to the color and brightness it was)

I was planning on replacing all my Sylvania Smart+ Color bulbs with Wyze, but unfortunately Sylvania’s Smart WiFi App has so many more user friendly features.

Hopefully Wyze can get some more features for these bulbs going.
Feel free to contact me regarding any ideas or recommendations.

100% agreed. I really expected more from their software.

It took them quite a while to provide basic features to the original Wyze Bulb (see: Set bulb brightness & color temp by Schedule without turning on - Roadmap - Wyze Community (, I hope they spend more time supporting the color bulbs.

Like your Sylvania dilemma, I’m afraid I can’t recommend the color bulbs to others until the feature set is better. The hardware is great, I just hope they actually support it and build up the software.


Yeah I just got my Color Bulbs and while the manual control options are OK, the complete lack of anything RGB specific in rules is really disappointing.

The whole reason I waited for Wyze color bulbs is the app integration and rules. Without that, these bulbs don’t really offer much for me.

Need to be able to Shortcut, Schedule, and Device Trigger by specific RGB color.


Agreed. There needs to be more options for these lights. My Magic Home LED lights have 20 preset functions with color changing such as crossfade, pulse and strobe. There are also custom presets that can be set and scheduled in addition to strobe with audio.


Was also disappointed to find that I could not set a color using a schedule/rule. We had hoped we could use these to help reinforce bedtime routines for my toddler. Tricky to pull this off using manual updates to the color instead.


Yeah, and I’ve been checking into Google Home/Assistant. Looks like even though it’s un-documented the bulbs do respond to “Turn bulb name Green” for instance.

But that command isn’t listed under the Color bulbs in the “Ask your assistant” section of device info. And the only commands that are supported through Routines seem to be Turn On and Turn Off.

So while there does seem to be a way to schedule recurring Google Assistant Routines generally, there’s still no way to do that with RGB specific commands on these new Color Bulbs from Wyze.

I’ll explore Alexa next I think.


This may seem silly but I need a “color flow mode” where the lights change from one color to another and the speed at which they do so can be adjusted. My kids have regular dance parties in the living room, and without this feature I am realizing I can’t replace my less bright Yeelight bulbs because they love their party lights. The bulbs are great and looks beautiful and bright, but need more software help as other have suggested.


The current on/off way of working of bulbs is to fade on/off. However, it’s not smooth at all. It jolts down then turns off entirely after a certain point (maybe 20%?). Would be awesome to have it gently fade in/out when turned on/off. Hue bulbs do this very well and allow you to select a default speed (slow, medium, fast kind of thing). Overall would make the bulbs feel much more luxurious :wink: Thank you!!

  1. Sylvania color bulbs - beside options, good bright colors like Wyze? Curious.
  2. Installed two of them in office, do i need to combine both so i can set same color/mood?
  3. Can i add new color/mood icon like default?
  4. Can I set up like color change every one hour jus for fun? Or rainbow mode like my laptop LCD keyboard color change constantly?

I’d like to see you offer a check box to allow someone to use a preset color when your scheduling a color bulb. A simple radio button (use a preset color for the color bulb) would work quite well and easily used for turning on and off different bulbs with different colors for special occasions ( XMAS, Halloween, etc.) The current scheduling ON function also sets the bulb temperature and brightness by default. Maybe you could amend the current screen when selecting ON to allow a set of checkboxes for color temperature and brightness, so if they are both left unchecked, the preset bulb color setting would be applied vs. the default color temperature and brightness. After all, they are color bulbs so wanting them to be scheduled to come on and off with a preset or pre-determined color seems logical. Thanks

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I just say “turn couch red” for my Wyze Color Bulbs in Google. Then I add those same verbal commands in a routine where I say “Mellow Mood” and within the routine… it has these commands I’ve typed out manually.

turn the couch light blue
Turn the couch light to 75% brightnees
Turn the tv light to purple
turn the tv light to 75% brightness

So Google can manipulate them like anything else… the rules/trigger support with other products is what I’m looking for… not just setting the bulbs to a certain color. I had that already.

I didn’t know you could type in commands into a routine. That is great info, thanks. I’m new to the Google Assistant/Home side of things.

Hello everyone,

I noticed the new wyze lightbulb color does not fade out the light when telling alexa to turn off.

The normal wyze lightblub will do so automatically when telling alexa to turn it off so it feels a bit weird that it shuts off really quick as I’m so use to the fade out slowly.

Would appreciate this feature to be included and updated on the wyze app.


Color Bulb Effects, Color selection for bulbs with fade effect and strobe effect.

Does anyone know how to trigger scenes set up in the Wyze app with Google Assistant?

I’ve got a group of four bulbs in my living room that I’ve created several scenes for, but the only way I’ve found to use them is by manually selecting a scene in the Wyze app. Would really love to be able to just use voice commands, or to set up routines to activate certain scenes at a time of day or for movie time, etc.


Can you please add some scenes to color Bulb control that will change colors slowly around the color wheel. Selectable speed would be great. Thanks

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Hi there!

I was wondering if there is anyway, the devs can update the app to include a party mode for the color bulbs. This will allow it to sync with other bulbs or independently switch colors from time to time (duration can be adjustable) for party gatherings? This will just add a great feature to these amazing bulbs. Thanks!


Thanks for the feedback! Just wanted to confirm that we are working on the following features. I’ve listed them in the order of anticipated release:

  1. Adding a ‘set color’ option to Rules
  2. Adding timer function
  3. Adding more default scenes
  4. Adding swatches
  5. Adding a feature that will adjust color temperature through the day to match the sun

Party mode!
Everyone’s seen those LED light strips and how they’ve got different modes, so why not on Wyze Bulb Color?
The idea is that there can be different modes such as pulse, color rotation, or just other fun modes.
These could be customized in the app.
While Wyze bulb color has Color Temperature Scenes, these are static colors and it would be fun to see more customization for this feature!


Can we still expect #1 during Spring 2021 as shown on the Overview page for the Bulb Color on the Wyze website?

I also noticed that in the FAQ under details it still says:

Can I control Wyze Bulb Color during an internet outage?
Wyze Bulb Color has both WiFi and Bluetooth so if your internet goes out, you can still locally control your lights via the Wyze app.

Can you confirm that this is not true with the current firmware and application? The only feature I actually see using Bluetooth is the initial setup, but there is no way (documented or that I could find) to actually control these bulbs locally without a Wifi/Internet connection.