Color Bulbs

Sup wyze. I got a small complain if anyone is listening. It involves the color bulb. I’m came from my home being set up with lifx. I did a full switch over to wyze. All 34 of my bulbs are wyze color. Broken down by the rooms they’re in. Problem is. A master control over all these light is much needed. I sucks having to jump to each room tab to set the lights to a certain color. You have color bulbs with not customization yet. [Mod Edit] it’s been long enough. Too many hoops to jump through to change all lights. No real scene option. No themes. No effects. No nothing. Just a bunch of [Mod Edit] smart bulbs that don’t [Mod Edit]. And a app even dumber. It’s really time y’all put some [Mod Edit] work into your products and stop [Mod Edit] rebranding. I can tell by the new year all these wyze product are goin in the garbage. Time for a home eco system from a company that does more than rebrand [Mod Edit].

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