Wye bulb app controls

The latest application update is simply garbage. Whoever approved switching from a slider to set color temperature to that God awful color wheel should be sacked immediately.

Now I have to scoll to see the scenes on one screen. Why? Why do all software engineeers feel that an “eye candy” design language is actually wanted or asked for by the end user.

It is so frustrating to use the wyze bulb controls now with the new update that I am looking for alternatives? Any suggestions from users here would be great.

I do not like where Wyze is going with this. Please, Wyze, please stop dumbing down the UI. Just stop already – if you feel compelled to make a change then at least have the forsight to make some of the changes optional.

This was clean and now is utter S**T.

If all other features of the Wyze app move to this design language theme, then I am out of here. I’ll search for some other vendor’s solutions for home automation.



Just utter S**T. Wyze: please abandon this design language. Go back to the previous design which worked well. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Now it IS broke, so please pull the update and go back to the previous version.

Pure garbage. All bulbs want to come on all together at differnt times of day and night full brightness and daylight color. someone needs to back this clusterf**k out. This is strike two since i have motion sensors that died they won’t replace. If they can’t fix this not going to be a chance for strike three.

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Agree! Horrible UI…

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That’s the problem with tech companies: hubris. “we know what you want better that what we want.” Seriously, how many lines of extra code would be needed to be added so that the user can choose their own interface (new vs legacy). This way, you don’t piss off your base? SMH.

Theming here doesn’t even work: the app is in white mode and the bulbs are in dark mode. It just seems like amateur hour 24 hours a day at Wyze lately.

Tonight, I had the same problem that you had: some lights randomly on whilst others are behaving.

Yes, please bring back the slider. This wheel thing is pure sh1t.