New non color bulb UI

So my husband’s app updated (I haven’t updated mine yet thankfully) and he is literally about to lose his s**t over the new UI interface of the regular bulbs.

It is aweful. It is so much more complicated than it needs to be or was. With the simple slider bars you could put it exactly where you need it.

I get that you’re trying to make all the bulbs be controlled the same. And I actually like the color one because it looks more like a color wheel and that makes sense. However the new one just looks like a big blob of yellow, you can’t even tell where it’s more white vs yellow, because it all looks really yellow.

And speaking of yellow. While this doesn’t affect my husband and I because we are not old enough and I understand that a lot of the developers there probably aren’t old enough to deal with this but I used to work with a geriatric population. And I was told that for most of them once they start getting around 50 to 55 years old light tends to turn more yellow. So now you’ve got this app that is mostly yellow and you can’t see the blue in it, this will make it near impossible for someone that is older or that has glaucoma or something to find where the proper color for them is so that things aren’t washed and yellow.

But a huge issue is being able to control the lights in a group individually. I’ve never seen my husband so irritated over an app. And now that I’ve messed with his phone I can see why. Please either turn it back or give an option for those of us that hate this. Because it seems like there’s several of us that do.

Just to give you a bit of help with the current UI, when you go into the group you can then click on an individual bulb at the top and it will put a blue checkmark on it, that means whatever you do will only affect that bulb. That should give you the individual control you want.


I agree with your husband 100%. The new interface is total :poop:.

I cannot stand the new design language. Interface changes should always be optional. → great point about the senior population, though. I have experienced that with my own aging family: I have been called a few times by them with a concern that their phone isn’t working properly only to find that a software update has changed something. Wyze, are you listening? I cannot even imaging how my father, who has Parkinson’s, would wobble his way around that stupid color wheel. The slider worked so much better and smoothly in my humble opinion.

The desire for lighting that allows changes to color temperature was the number one reason that I went with they wyze bulb ecosystem…and now they just f***ked up the UI. Why, Wyze???

Just an obligatory comment that I’ve used the Alexa app to control the bulbs since installation and have never looked back. It’s perfectly suited to the task.

This is not to detract from your points.


I don’t like the new interface for the non color bulbs either , the old one is much better IMO

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