This is going to be my last Wyze purchase EVER! MODS READ PLZS!

I own a whole slew of Wyze Products. But the color bulbs and the lack of support has driven me to the point of disliking the company.

The power flickers at my house whenever there’s a bad storm. The power usually flips five or six times and then either comes back on or stays off, then, at some point ultimately staying on permanently. A handful of bulbs constantly lose their configuration and have to be manually deleted, and re-added to the app every single time. This is beyond annoying. If it can save the state to know that it should be powered back on then it should also be able to maintain the previous wireless networks name. It shouldn’t have to be deleted and reconnected. In the app there should be a way that it can call out to a Mac address and say that it owns the particular device and rebind itself. I have read complaints about this 2019. If this company can’t get this problem solved by now then what the heck are they doing selling lightbulbs?

In the chat bot help is beyond infuriating. I hated it when Amazon did it and I hated even more that y’all have done it. It’s useless, and all it is is a gateway to being able to actually email a live person and get some real help. Putting yourself behind a wall does not service your customers.

I hope that everybody that has had this problem joins in on this post stating the issues they have had to see if the developers will actually do something. If I don’t see a response within a month, then all of my wise products are going in the trash, that includes doorbells, indoor cameras, hallway, motion, lights, handheld vac, Wyze door bolt, you name it. I’m sorry I got in the Wyze ecosystem If this is the way, they’re going to support their products.

And I’m gonna make sure that I post on Amazon my Lack of face with the company on every single device that I’ve ever bought. I’m going to shout it from the rooftops, because I’m sick of it. You took my money, and now you took my trust!

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Welcome to the community.

To be clear, this forum is primarily for user to user discussion. Wyze does have a presence here sometimes, but it is definitely not intended to be an alternative to support. Even the mods (whom you asked to read this) are actually just volunteers, not Wyze employees.

What you are experiencing would be frustrating. It sounds like the main problem is the infrastructure where you live. I would be talking to someone local about that.

FYI, the Wyze bulbs resetting with multiple power flicks on and off is not a Wyze-specific thing. This is actually an industry standard for resetting smart bulbs (unless they have a reset button on them). Though different companies use different numbers of power flicks and some have time delay requirements. Regardless, since it is pretty standard to have multiple flicks force a reset on smart bulbs, I would be really surprised if Wyze ever changed that with any of the currently existing bulbs. They may change future models though.

For now, about the only option for convincing them to change this is to join the conversation about it in the Wishlist thread here:

That Wishlist has currently received a status update from Wyze of “Maybe Later”
Toward the bottom of this post is a description of what the different Wyze statuses mean:

Basically, there is almost no chance they will make any changes this year, since they said they are devoting all their resources to “the Year of the Camera.” If it gets enough other people to show that it is important to the majority of their users with votes and activity in that wishlist item to indicate it deserves a higher priority than other things, they would be more likely to consider or implement a change, but so far, not very many people have voted for it or joined in the discussion. At time of this writing, Nobody has even commented in there for over 2 years. This is part of the reason why other things have had priority.

As for Customer service, you can also talk to them by phone or by email. I prefer the email method because then I can send a message and not have wait on hold for them to look things up or talk to a supervisor or whatever. I can do the whole thing in cracks of time when it is convenient for ME, instead of waiting on their timeline. Email support is awesome IMO. I highly recommend it. But you can always call during their business hours if you prefer the phone over chat and email.

Regardless, if you want others to join in to support having Wyze change how the bulbs are paired, you should be doing so in that wishlist thread I linked to. The VP of Product told us in an AMA that Wyze does have employees reviewing the wishlist every week, even if they don’t always reply. Other posts may not always been seen by Wyze employees since the forum is specifically a user to user platform, not an employee contact area.

I hope you vote for it and post a message of support in the wishlist. Maybe you’ll bring that request back to life.


I’m sure many other bulbs may completely reset on this process. But Lifx bulbs also require turning on and off multiple times, it’ll flash that it’s ready to start setup again, but if nothing happens for awhile, it’ll resume what was last configured and return to normal. Something Wyze could update to account for? I’m sure I’d love just waiting an hour for my bulbs to reconnect themselves if there was a super nasty storm, then get up and flick light switches for who knows how many bulbs, add to the Wyze app again, reconfigure the Google Home to show the cameras in the right rooms again incase it removed it…


That would be awesome. I agree that this would be the ideal solution: If there is no new pairing and setup initiated, return to the previous setup settings.

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I had a similar issue with all my smart devices (not wyze, but smart life ). Every time the power flickered and my router lost power, i had to manually add all the devices again. Turns out, it wasn’t the devices that were the problem, it was the router itself. It was an older model and could only support so many smart devices at once. Once i replaced it, no more problems. I would try replacing your router, or getting a UPS for your router and modem. It’ll make all the difference

Maybe smart devices are not the appropriate lighting solution in an area with unstable power. Just a though. As others have said, I have had 3 smart bulbs from different vendors, all were reset by toggling power 3 times (I think it was 3).

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