Better or modified method of Wyze Bulb reset to factory settings

Ok, so you recently had an outage with Wyze bulbs. Great.

So my wife, not knowing that, flipping the light bulbs on and off a couple times, after the 3rd time, it reset the bulbs completely. THIS IS A STUPID DESIGN.

Let us set the amount of on/off sequence before light bulbs are allowed to be reset. 5 should be the default.

Also, give us the ability to change it to higher. I have kids. Kids are stupid. Kids play with lights. 3 times on and off is way too short.

I dont agree that it is stupid, it is in line with what most companies do, although I have seen some at 5. You do say you have kids and to be honest I could set it at 15 and they would reset it, I just resort to teaching them.
I am not positive but I believe it must be 3 switch flips in a certain period of time. One way of fixing it may be to shorten the period of time while increasing the number like 5 in 3 seconds or something.


If ductape would only keep them away…

It’s really simple.

3 light flips puts them into pairing mode, but if the pairing never occurs the settings revert back to previously stored.

Kicking off pairing mode shouldn’t wipe existing settings out until pairing is finished.


Switch guards are very helpul to prevent turning off and on problems. Amazon has different ones.

They don’t work against 5-6 year olds that like to play with lights. Wyze is the only company with this problem.

I know, kids are kids! I’m glad I don’t have 5 or 6 yr old kids acting like that in my home.

However, I think Wyze will consider all the feedback from everyone and improve the bulbs eventually. If people do not want to wait for improvements, they can always move to another brand.

It would be nice if after the Wyze Bulb enters pairing it would revert to the previous configuration if new pairing is unsuccessful.

My use case involves our 1 1/2 year old who recently figured out how light switches work and has more than once reset our Wyze Bulbs by making them enter pairing mode.

Exactly. I ended up duct taping the switch up and the kids stopped playing with it. But it look awful.

i would like to see this too. I have occasional issues with the bulbs as well. I have a few Hue bulbs in addition to the Wyze bulbs. I set them up several years ago and have never had to do anything further. The Wyze bulbs need some occasional maintenance. This is most notable on a chandelier that i have, which has 10 bulbs in each covered by their own glass enclosure. So when one bulb has an issue, it is a 30 minute task to fix it :frowning:

Same here. This is a problem for me. As others have suggested, I would request the following:

  1. update the reset sensitivity from 3 flips to 5 flips within a shorter period of time
  2. if pairing does not occur, DO NOT RESET THE DEVICE. This has been a huge pain for me, planning to replace my Wyze bulbs with regular bulbs as a result of this :frowning:
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Is there any way to change the bulb firmware and Wyze app to allow the user to set the number of on/off cycles necessary to subsequently reset the bulb? (like change it from 3 on/off flips to say 10 ?)

My power company (and grandkids) reset my hard-to-get-to bulbs far too often. It makes me want to change bulb makers just to fix the issue.

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Wyze just needs to fix this. Only bulb company I’ve seen do this. It’s obnoxious.

How about the default power state once the power comes back on? Defaults to “ON”??? very annoying when you have 4 bulbs in your bedroom and the power goes out while you’re sleeping and when it comes back one all the lights come on in your room. We should be able to set the default power state in the settings. This also seems like a simple firmware update to accomplish.

If you go into the settings for your bulb you will see ‘Power Loss Recovery’ with two options ‘Turn the light on’ and ‘Maintain Previous State’, this should accomplish what you want.


I did not see that before. I have a firmware update and after that it showed up. Thank you for the information.

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I came back to check to see if anything had changed on this. It doesn’t look like it. I really like the Wyze bulbs except for this issue. I have a number in chandeliers with multiple bulbs in them. When there are power fluctuations/outages, the bulbs tend to reset. Also, it is random, not all of the bulbs in the chandelier reset, only some.

Additionally kids using the light switches. Having to do multiple bulbs at the same time becomes tedious to set, since I need to unscrew all of the bulbs and then screw back in 2 reset them, unscrew, then do the next 2 and so on.

The result, I have gone back to just using the light switch on them and use them as regular light bulbs. Except, that some of the bulbs are at the coolest temperature and brightest setting and the rest are warmer and dimmer. Drives my wife crazy.

I was hoping there would be a firmware update to get around this. I guess for now will go back to regular bulbs and hope for a firmware update to address this and then come back to it.

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It is unbelievable to me that this continues to be how the bulbs work. I have 40 plus bulbs in the house. After the icestorm in Portland this winter, the power has occasionally flickered from time to time (branches still breaking and laying on power lines).

Every single time, I come home to completely reset bulbs. All of them. The entire house. I’m here right now because it just happened again. An entire house blaring at 100% and I get to individually reprogram each one. I love these bulbs, and so help me this is the last time I do this. If it happens again, they are going in the trash (I won’t torment anybody else with this nonsense), and I’m switching to a company that pays attention to their customers experience and improves it over time.

I’m also going to be adamantly sharing my experience with anybody who will listen. Seriously. It’s a completely absurd problem and the fix has been suggested numerous times above. FIX IT

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This is one of many reasons I am starting to rethink my purchases with Wyze. Little software glitches that shouldn’t happen that cause big head aches. Almost 2 years of comments on this issue and all you get is a “Maybe-later”… Does anyone at Wyze use their own products cause if they did maybe they might actually understand the QOL requests people are making.