Wyze Bulb No longer complete connection to my wifi network

I started having connectivity issues with my Wyze color and noncolor bulbs after a power outage. I called Wyze support. The most annoying on-hold message you can hear in your life. Be prepared, the message will play in your head for a few hours after you hung up from the call. It took about 1 hour and 34 min, After a few troubleshooting steps, the technician sent me a support ticket stating that I need to show proof of purchase and provide MAC ID for the bulbs. I cannot provide MAC ID, because the bulbs no longer connect to my network. The technician told me as soon as I send the proof of purchase he will make sure the process starts.
[Wyze Ticket 1813948]
Here is my honest feedback. Wyze has a bunch of cool-aid drinkers who are so happy to buy these Chinse-made products which are cheaply made. Wyze people know and most people on these forums know. Yes for a price you can beat it. I get it, don’t repeat it. That’s what I see all over the forum. It’s like Mass formation psychosis. one person starts bragging about the product, everyone else like sheep follows. The product quality is low. They had some nice products in the past, and Wyze phase them out without replacing them. Like the Wyze sensor. That was one good product they made. You could group lights together and have them come on by using the sensor and placing it in a location that you wanted. Very neat product and useful. Now Wyze introduces a robotic car for 69.99, which has zero application in real life. It’s like Johny Five on the wheels, to have fun. I do get it, but where is the product that has real-life applications and uses? Where is the replacement for the Wyze sensor? I can’t find it in their store. Most importantly where is the technician who was helping me? Wyze is a small company built on FOMO. I have had so many issues with Wyze products from day one I purchased it. Once I buy a house this year, I am dropping all products. Until then I want to get these bulbs working. I suspect there is a problem with Amazon services, This is why I can’t connect the bulbs back to my network. Just so everyone knows, like many companies, a lot of Wyze services sit on Amazon Cloud Services. So when Amazon has issues, Wyze will have issues. At least better than before, they use to use Chinese cloud services.

If you haven’t removed the bulbs from the Wyze app, you are still able to get the MAC address from the app.

Click on the offline bulb
Go to the settings gear on the top right
Device Info
And the MAC will be displayed there

Hope this helps support get you squared away


Wyze offers the V2 Sensors which will do the exact same as mentioned. It can control a group of bulbs based on motion, door opening, etc. It used to require the Home Monitoring Subscription but now you can get it without. This can be purchased by going into the Wyze App, tap on Shop, and select the Wyze Sense v2 Starter Kit (No Subscription Required).


Unfortunately, I removed them, I was hoping that I can re-add them back in. Then I called support. I do have Cisco Meraki I forgot that I can get it from there. I did find the proof of purchase, I hope that will do it.
Thank you for the help on that.


Thank you, I thought you need the service. I will wait and see. Hopefully, soon I will be moving out of this Apartment.

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Hope it all works out for you.

Remember, currently the Starter Kit with No Service Required is available through the Wyze App Store and not currently on the WEB Store.


Thanks again for letting me know. You are 100% correct. I use the Wyze App all the time, and I purchased most of my stuff through the App. I was able to find the Sensors on the website. Hence why, I wrote what I wrote earlier. I thought Wyze did not replace the older sensor with new ones, and they went ahead and phased them out without replacement. Hopefully, Wyze will get more consistent with the website and mobile store. So I was wrong about that.

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I truly appreciate the acknowledgement, speak volumes to your character. Just so you know, as a community member myself, I questioned the difference in the Web Site and App Store. I did find out that the App Store is controlled by Wyze and not using an eCommerce site. Therefore things will be a bit different.

It was my pleasure helping out.


Thank you for your kind words. I just received the sensors, and guess what? You need the Wyze Hub for the v2 sensor to work. It turns out you cannot buy that separately. They have removed the older product without proper replacement. This is a failure to me. I do not understand why they made it all difficult. Thanks again for pointing it out.


The hub should be part of the starter kit. The v2 Sensors will not work with the old Bridge, but the v1 Sensors will work with the V2 Hub. you no longer have to pay for any subscriptions to use the new hub and sensors. Did you only order the sensors or the Starter kit?

Wish I had known that was coming out before I paid for an entire annual subscription of HMS, that I can not get refunded on even though I cancelled it.