Wyze Bulb Officially Released!

We have some news to brighten your day! Wyze Bulb is now available for purchase at https://www.wyze.com/wyze-bulb and in the Wyze app.

This marks our first step in smart lighting, which paves the way for new products releasing later this year. It also makes your existing Wyze products even better - you can now use your Wyze Cam and Wyze Sense to turn on or off your Wyze Bulbs. :bulb:


That brightens my day!
Now I expect a flood of posts on the forum.


Hooray! That’s what we were aiming for. Thanks, gemniii!


Tried ordering through wyze website and it didn’t go through. Tried three times ordering through wyze app and the iOS app crashes every time when I go to put in my address.
I hope the extra traffic the store is likely getting will free up enough for me to put in an order today.


The server was getting restarted a bit earlier, but now it should work. For the iOS app, try updating to the latest version and it should also work now. You should have v2.4.73

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I tried through website again and it seemed to hang, never got a confirmation that order made it through but I see a charge for them so I’m sure it did. Just hope I only placed one order!
Hope to see the wyze smart plugs available soon that Home Depot shows on their site.
I’m going to update my iOS app now, thank you!

Did they sell out or is something still broken on the site? From Android app the bulbs have disappeared from the shop after trying the past hour to get the order to go through.

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We’re still working on the website issue so we temporarily pulled down the bulbs in the app. We’ll be restoring them once we have things stabilized. We apologize for the trouble!


Ok, I underestimated how much I would like them when I got in on the preorder, so i will try to wait patiently. It sounds like I am not the only one excited if the site is getting hammered right after the release.


I figured there must be something going on. It wouldn’t let me check out. It would give me a total and then just sit there and spin round and around. I’m dizzy now. :crazy_face::joy:

Oof. Sorry about that!

But yeah, sounds like people are as excited as we are! :smiley:

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Hi there,

Canadian Wyze user here - curious about timing for the Bulbs to be available via Amazon.ca. Any info is appreciated !

PS- Had my first Wyze camera set up for a couple weeks now. LOVE it!



We don’t know when exactly Wyze Bulbs will be available through amazon.ca since we don’t control that store. But we’re still aiming for Canadian shipping this year! :slight_smile:


Still unable to complete an order and also unable to order more than one 4-pack.

My wife loves the 8 bulbs I got with early access and she wants more.

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I’ve just been told that while the site may be a little slower than usual, it should now work and the bulb is back in the app’s Shop section. Could everyone please give it a go and see if it’s working better now? :slight_smile:

Saw it on the app and was able to place an order. Got my confirmation email so looks like it went thru!

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Hi Gwen, thank you for your prompt reply - Look forward to that canadian shipping!

And if i may (and please excuse my denseness here) … could you elaborate for me on the comment about how you don’t control that store? I’m a little concerned thinking my money didn’t go where i thought it was going (i mean, its all good, but i thought i was buying more or less from you guys, just via amazon… again… maybe a super dense assumption there) … Any info is appreciated. TY!

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On web page, 2 orders separate addresses Went through just fine At 5 PM EST

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I had placed an order as I stated above, didn’t get a screen showing order was placed. Haven’t received a confirmation email but my card is showing a pending charge from Wyze.
Orders placed by 2pm pst still ship today right?