WYZE Color Bulbs Flickering - Temperature/White Setting


I’ve loved the Wyze Color Bulbs ever since receiving them after pre-ordering them, which I did immediately upon learning of their existence. Sure, I was a little disappointed that they lack features that alternative smart bulb options include. Generally speaking, I don’t get too beat up about feature sets so long as they include/perform on what I consider to be the bare minimum level but in this case my disappointment is really not because they lack feature X, Y or Z. It’s the reasoning; it’s not that they aren’t capable of including most of the features they lack on a hardware level, it’s that for some reason Wyze simply decided their users didn’t need/want them or that they otherwise weren’t worth the time/effort, etc and simply choose not to include them, regardless of how easily it could have been to accomplish via a few added lines of code to the app and at most, a firmware upgrade but the need for this could have been negated had the decision regarding their inclusion been made in their favor. Despite this mild disappointment, it doesn’t preclude my overall positive opinion of them nor does it change the fact that I’ve used them daily since receiving them. However, recently they’ve started flickering. It’s somewhat rare that I use the color settings, generally opting for varying temperatures of white, so I can only say for certain that it’s occurring while on a white temperature setting.

I can include a video if that would be at all helpful but basically it goes from from warm to cool and anywhere in between at such a eate as to be considered “flickering”. Suffice to say that I wouldn’t be posting if it were a change in temperature setting happening on an infrequent basis or an imperceptible level, as I’m not super picky where that’s concerned but while it’s occurring, which is about half of the time that they’re on lately, the flickering is nearly constant and is very distracting and cannot be ignored. It’s bordering on the level of driving me to drink, in all honesty and I’ve never much cared for the sauce…

I can’t say if this is happening due to a failure in hardware or software/firmware or if perhaps it’s just an indication that they’re simply on their last leg. If it can’t be fixed and/or replaced due to manufacturer defect, I’d be disappointed since they haven’t met lifespan expectancy, in which case I’d need to go back the drawing board and weigh smart bulb options to replace them but it is my hope that the issue can be resolved and I can continue using this set or it’s determined that it’s a defect covered by warranty if, such a warranty exists, which I’m uncertain of. Because like I said, generally speaking I’m satisfied with them. It’s an “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” sort of deal but unfortunately, as is, they are broken.

I did a search before posting and didn’t see a single instance of anybody else mentioning any flickering whatsoever with any bulbs, white or color but figured I’d create this post to see if anyone else has experienced this or similar issue and/or knows of a solution, has any recommendations, etc. Thanks!