Wyze Color Bulb automatic to color not just temperature

Wyze bible color looks beautiful. The problem I have with it is that you can not program it to come on with a specific color. If I want it to come on at 11pm in Congo Blue I should be able to. Not just warm or cool white.

this is something that was brought up in testing A LOT! and rightfully so.

this option is currently in #beta and working great so far with the rules I have set. so it’s just a matter of time before it hits the production app :slight_smile:

Edit: so thanks to another awesome maven I believe I confused what’s in Beta with the new rule engine that is being rolled out. so the option/ ability might be available only to those currently with the new rule engine ( which makes more sense) but either way it should be out hopefully in the next few weeks.


Yeah I would have thought that this was the whole point of a color bulb. One needs to be able to have it turn on to a specific color at a certain time of day for instance or to be able to set its colors within schedules and within integrations for instance with google.

And while I am on it, integration with Samsung Smartthings would be nice.


I found a work around that has been working for a couple weeks for my situation. I set the bulb to the color I want then leave the switch on. Then set a schedule to turn the bulb OFF instead of ON. Comes back on blue every time. Hope that helps.

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No, that does not help. Need to be able to set the Color of the Bulb in a rule of automation. I have no idea why this was not thought of when the Color bulb was added to the Wyze System.

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