Color bulb - is there a way to turn to color on timer?

All I want is a smart bulb that will turn a certain color automatically. I tried the LG ones and they only turn on or change to a different shade of white, so I purchased these and it’s the same.

Scenario: I would love to set up an automation/rules that whether on or off the light turns a certain color at 7:30pm so the kid knows it’s time to get ready for bed, and same in the morning when they can get up. Would love it to look like

  • 7:30 bulb turns on
    -color purple
  • 8pm turn off

Something simple but all the Wyze (and LG) color bulb allows is different temperatures of white?

Am I missing anything/does anyone know a work around?


Welcome to the forums! Doesn’t look like the Wyze rule actions have been updated yet. Do you have Alexa? I have routines that turn my bulbs different colors when the routines run.

I have access to an Alexa but never used it/don’t have any routines set up. How do I start that process? Is the routine through Alexa or through Wyze?

You would build the routine in Alexa, attach you Wyze skill to Alexa first so your devices show up

@sean.ericson , I noticed this too. The device automation and routines lack any sort of color picker. Might as well be the regular wyze bulb. I do remember the ad for the color bulb that displayed the blue color as a reminder to take out the trash, but according to the limitations on the app, this is not possible. If this is not fixed soon, wyze will have a false advertising claim on their hands.


The product page shows “Coming Spring 2021” above their write up for this feature. Not sure if it always did.

I, too, was expecting it to be there at launch but I’m hoping for soon. They have until June 20th before they’ll have missed their own set release window.

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just using alexa for the time being