Wyze bulb Color, Can not set COLOR in rules

Is there a way to set the “color” of the Wyze Bulb color in rules?


Currently there is not, I am using Alexa to achieve this currently

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It’s not currently available. To make matters worse, when you schedule bulbs to come on, they default to white, so you can’t even have the bulbs come on to match the last color(s) you had them on. This is a defect that Wyze need to correct.

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Currently, you don’t have the option. However, I believe Wyze is currently working on that. In the interim, a number of us have setup routines in Alexa to trigger the Color Bulbs and set the color as you wish.

It’s been added to my beta app. Hopefully it made it to the standard app or will be soon.

Yea. Been added to the rules testing and color is now an option. Using it all over. :slight_smile:

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Hopefully they keep adding some fun features. I’ve got 24 wyze color bulbs inside and outside of my house :wink:

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I agree. I have 3 bulbs in one group and 2 in another. you can set the group to be a certain color so that when you turn them on it will default to the selected color or you can set a specific color to each bulb and make a scene. So I have one group where I made one bulb red, another white, and another Blue - Called it USA Scene, then when I select it, each bulb turns on each color.

Ha. I have a scene named U.S.A. too. 3 bulbs on the front porch are red white and blue and the 2 bulbs on the front walkway are red and blue. Just waiting for July 4th :). I wish I could set them all to transition between red white and blue to give my house some animation.