Using a Wyze color bulb in a desk lamp

I’m in the market for a desk lamp. I like the look of [the new Wyze Lamp] but will wait for color/temperature adjustable and a desk sized version. Thanks.

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I recommend just buying a normal cheap desk lamp and use a Wyzle Bulb color instead then.

I did this, and it’s perfect for my desk. I even use rules to make it temporarily change color for different alerts (ie: someone at the front of the house, etc). Very cool.

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Could you explain the way you change color if someone is at the front door? I have bulb color, but in the rule action I see turn on/off, set brightness and color temperature. But I don’t understand how to change color or change it back to regular color in several seconds/minutes. I would appreciate if you explained

Yes, I do it with Alexa rules/routines instead. If you don’t have any Echo devices, you might be able to do it all without any Alexa echo devices, just using the Alexa app on your phone (though that probably requires it to be on the same wifi as the devices to work). Worst case scenario, you can regularly find an echo device pretty cheap as they do sales, or promotions, or other companies offer them free with a free trial, etc. I’ve gotten several for $5 or $10. People also sell them on things like facebook marketplace or whatever people in your area use. 3rd party devices sometimes include Alexa.

Anyway, once you have any Alexa access, open the alexa app, click:

  1. More - on the bottom right
  2. Routines
  3. Plus sign on the top right
  4. Enter the name of the routine (whatever you want to call it)
  5. In “When this happens” I click the plus sign, then Smart Home then select the Camera or motion sensor or whatever for when it detects a person or motion then click save
  6. click the plus sign next to add action - click smart home - click lights - select the color bulb - click next
  7. click power (set to on),
  8. click brightness set brightness
  9. click color and set color
  10. Save - next
  11. Under add action, select plus - select Wait - Set how long you want it to wait before it turns the light off, or changes the color back to normal (I recommend at least 10 seconds) - NEXT
  12. Under add action select plus again - follow steps 6-10 but tell it to turn off the light, or set it back to normal again.
  13. Save

There you go, now it changes color when your cam sees a person or the motion sensor goes off, or the contact sensor is triggered. Very useful cool stuff.

Wyze needs to update their native app rules to allow us to do this without using Alexa though!


I also do this, and I have Alexa tell me where she sees the person. I also have a different color if the door is actually opened. But it works great and normally this triggers sooner than the Wyze person detection alerts on my phone

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